Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Harsher holidays

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Canon Rock” is playing. I’m anticipating hot chocolate in my future.

Gifts are wrapped. Plans are made to see family and friends. We plan to volunteer, to celebrate, to watch Christmas movies on TV (As a side note, my husband has never seen “A Christmas Story.” This must be remedied IMMEDIATELY.). But, based on my pastor’s sermon Sunday night, I got to thinking…the holidays aren’t jolly for all.

I know two women will spend their first Christmas alone after divorce…a friend will remember during Christmas that the main person missing at the dinner table is her father…Other people have lost jobs, lost loved ones either to death or unforeseen circumstances…families will be separated due to distance or that emotional wall that is placed between them.

The holidays are a joyous time for one reason – God sent His Son to redeem us all. That may be the only joy one can take from this season. Because all the presents and parties cannot fill the hole from a loved one gone.

I don’t mean to be mournful during this time. But I have a question for everyone: What do you say when you know someone’s Christmas may not be as merry as yours? What would you like to hear?

I’m quite awkward when it comes to comforting people. My best form of comfort is to give a hug or bake goodies. I do that better than speaking words that I don’t feel are true, especially the platitude, “It’s all going to be all right.” Because it won’t. There will be a grief, that, despite the years, will leave a hole in a heart.

For reference, based on what I would say/give, I just want hugs, baked goods, and prayers. =) But what do you say? Are there verses that have helped you during difficult times? What has someone said to you that has been true and helpful?

But I would like to end on a happy note. I was able to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and that was quite a joyous time.

That’s not all of us by any means, but it was great for us to get together and enjoy the holiday. My family rocks my socks, and I am quite thankful to have them.


Brooke said...

i cried in church on Sunday because i was all alone. not because of death, but because my husband hasn't chosen Christ (yet - i'm still praying and not giving up hope). i can't imagine people lonely because of other situations.

even the random chatter (to me) from those around me helped. hugs are nice. just generic conversation to help me realize that i was a part of that church family, and through God's grace & mercy I was never truly alone.

Mari said...

Christmas is such a wonderful time, and yet so hard at the same time. I think just knowing people care and are remembering them is important.

sara said...

thank you for the reminder to look closer at those around me and see if there is someone who needs a hug, goodies, or someone to cry with.

septembermom said...

I love how you emphasize the importance of hugs and love during this joyful season. I think a loving smile to anyone makes a difference in a healing way.