Thursday, November 10, 2011

News is sports; sports is news

At my job, I am grateful to teach sports writing every other year. It’s my favorite class to teach, and I hate I can’t offer it more. Especially like now, with the Penn State scandal. The university president fired, the athletics director forced to resign, and beloved football coach Joe Paterno fired…and how did the students react to that turn of events last night?


So when it comes out that a former defensive coordinator has molested at least eight (and the number will climb, I’m sure of it) CHILDREN, no one makes a peep? But the head football coach gets sacked, and all of a sudden, there are riots?

I don’t get it. I see the board of trustees’ point on firing Paterno, but I also feel very sorry for him and his family. And I understand that Paterno is a historic icon, the winningest coach in history. But lives have been forever shaped by what Sandusky did to those boys. Families have been changed, have been heartbroken by these events. Where is the outrage? Where are their riots?

Have a riot over something that matters, not because you’re scared you’ll lose a game. This scandal is so much bigger than that.

My heart and prayers go out to the families of the victims – and, really, to everyone involved in this disaster. Because this is an absolute disaster. God only knows how many children’s lives Sandusky ruined. God only knows how many could have been prevented had action been taken sooner.

It’s a sad week for everyone. But let’s not get away from the cause – one man, choosing to commit horrific sinful acts, has started this. God have mercy on his soul, because I don’t think anyone else will.


misti said...

At first glance, I sort of thought people overreacted about Paterno, because he reported it, and well - he just seems like a sweet old man (if not a little ding-batty). But I quickly realized that if it was my kid or brother or friend that the assistant coach did that to, I'd have had somebody's head. Historical icon or not! Empathy always wins me over.

I just saw he was fired over the phone!

Penny said...

I think the board was mad that he announced his resignation without consulting the university, and this was their payback. It's just a really sad situation. ESPN showed he and his wife outside their home last night after finding out, and she was crying. It's just a sad situation all around.

Mari said...

The whole thing is horrible. I thought they may have overreacted too, but Misti makes a good point.

Brooke said...

makes me sick really the "loyalty" people show to a bunch of teenage kids playing football, over things that truly mater.