Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The one where we got locked outside

At our former house, getting locked out was no big deal. If I got locked out, I’d run over to my neighbor’s house, borrow a credit card, and “break in” my house. Yep. The hubby and I were fairly apt at unlocking our side door without a key.

However, this new house is different.

Last night, I decided to take Vicki on a walk. She’s been wandering around the bedroom at night instead of sleeping, so I’ve decided that she needs to be worn out before we go to sleep. Therefore, we powerwalk the neighborhood. She’s not a big fan of it, but it’s great on two fronts: 1) She is sufficiently worn out after a 15-minute powerwalk up and down hills and 2) Walking that fast usually makes her do No. 1 and No. 2…sadly also usually in someone else’s yard.

My husband had a bit of work to do with a client around 4:30 p.m. but said he would be in shortly. So when I locked myself out of the house at 5:15 p.m., I didn’t care, because I figured he’d be home soon.

He came home at 6:45 p.m. His client took longer than expected, so Vicki, the cat, and I chilled on the back porch until he came home. I really didn’t mind. I had the kindle on my phone, so I spent the hour reading in fairly nice weather. Even when it started raining, it was fine, because our back porch is covered.

Apollo and Vicki, however, were a different story. Both were equally aggravated.

Apollo was mad because 5-6 p.m. is her dinner time, and I was not feeding her. She’d lean up against our glass back doors and look back at me as if to say, “WHY ARE YOU NOT BRINGING ME DINNER???” She swatted Vicki and me several times and was, overall, just very impatient.

Vicki was mad because she knows she is an inside dog, and about 30 minutes outdoors is all she wants – especially when that cat decides to attack her randomly. She shook the entire time while sitting on my lap, even though it was a very mild 65 degrees outside. She wasn’t shaking from the cold, though. She was just ready to go inside.

At some point, I decided to film them because, well, they are just hilarious. I hope you enjoy.


Brooke said...

a number keypad for the back door was the best thing we ever did for our house! (especially when we're going on a walk/run) although when the batteries start to die, jay does know how to break into the house.

Sommer said...

the one and only time i locked myself out, i was in my pjs. including fuzzy slippers. i ran down the street and asked to borrow a stranger's phone to call matt. it was a terrifying experience.

Mari said...

I loved the clip, because I got to hear your sweet voice!
We have a key hidden for occasions like this!

Sara@iSass said...

Our cat Tabby is like clock work, and she will not.stop.meowing until we feed her, and yes, our Pooch does not like the cats either, and ours live inside. It's a circus! lol

misti said...

That video is excellent! I can't believe you were toying with the Voo like that...oh wait, yes I can. HAHA