Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter blues? Where?

I don’t believe we’ve had a winter. But I would like one.

Each season has its ups and downs – of course, though, if you live in Louisiana, there are two seasons: summer and that other season, fake winter. Fake winter is where everybody and their mama posts a picture of a teeny-tiny snowflake (if it ever comes), where schools are canceled if the slightest hint of snow and/or ice is broadcast, and where you only bundle up in clothes if you’re making a fashion statement, because, frankly, there are very few days in fake winter where you actually need to bundle up.

But I really do like it.

Hot chocolate and fake winter go well together. Fake winter also goes well with scarves (fashion statement), soups, and running. I LOVE running in this time. I breathe easier and run faster. I get dizzy running in the heat. Seriously. In the winter, I can easily run six miles without taking a water break. In the summer, I’m barely making two.

But fake winter this year occurred maybe seven days. And now it’s hot(ish). I ran 12 miles yesterday (yeah, that’s a pat on the back, lol!) in 75 degrees. In February. How is that even right?

However, I am looking forward to several things this spring:

·      The Big One: Defending my dissertation proposal, which most likely will occur in March. I have two hurdles left to jump over for my Ph.D. – this one and then defending the dissertation itself, probably in May.
·      Salads and fruit: Oh my gosh, I love going to the grocery store and seeing fresh strawberries and blackberries and blueberries. Yum!! Also, with spring comes the reopening of our farmers market!
·      Nehemiah: Our pastor preached a series about Nehemiah back in the fall, and our women’s Bible study on Wednesday nights is starting a Nehemiah study by Kelly Minter on March 7. I love our women’s group and can’t wait to start the new study!
·      Supper Club: Since Kyle and I teach Sunday school, we don’t often get to hang out with the people from our old class. However, our department has started supper clubs, so we’re going to get to see some of them more.
·      Clothes: I cannot wait to wear open-toed shoes again. And flip flops. And shorts. And bright-colored nail polish. And capris. Ahhh…
·      Symposiums: I am officially a nerd. I was chosen out of our department to participate in the Liberal Arts Symposium, and I am PSYCHED. Also, I should hear back from Super Duper University soon to see if I was chosen to present at their graduate symposium, and a little birdie told me that I should receive good news…
·      Parks: I love that we live next door to a park. LOVE it. I love walking the dog there, love hiking there with my hubby, and love that there’s a school on the other side of the park where, on weekends, I can release the pup and let her run free through the fields.

It may not be my lovely fake winter, but I must say, I’ll welcome spring or more fake winter.


Mari said...

I'm loving fake winter and Spring will be even better!
Actually we have a big ice storm predicted for Tuesday night. No liking that so much!

Anonymous said...

I did a study on Nehemiah once and loved it too. 12 miles? Goodness girl. You are a superhero for sure. Good work! I'm lucky to get around the block. I would totally like to try out a "fake winter" one year. I think it would be so much fun. ;-)

misti said...


And should we start trying out "Dr. Roberts" soon? I think yes

Tara said...

I'm a big fan of the sun but I like the coldness of fake winter too. I'd rather run in the heat than the cold though. Let's switch - the exercise you do in the winter counts for my part and the exercise I do in the summer counts for you. Deal?

And I'm with Misti, Dr. Roberts.

Brooke said...

i purchased a really cute running hat with an escape hatch for my pony tail and its yet to be cold enough to wear it. *dislike fake winter*