Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stuff Runners Say

A a multitude of videos have been posted on YouTube discussing *stuff* people say.  Stuff journalists say. Stuff runners say. Stuff anyone-you-can-think-of says. I did watch the runners one and the journalists one, and, while they were funny, I do think I need to add what this runner says, just for the prosperity of mankind.
Ahem. Stuff Runners Say: The Addendum. 
“Watch out, there. I’m crop-dusting.”
“If someone else honks their horn, I will find them and slash their tires.”
“Ice cream. Hamburgers. Sushi…why are we running by so many restaurants?”
“My running partners have all ended up injured.”
“8 a.m.’s too early. How about 10 a.m.?”
“Well, it may be hilly now, but at least our halfie is flat." 
“How about we just skip that run?”
“Do you know what kind of underwear is the best to wear during runs?”
“Yeah, I’ll run in the rain.”
“So, the other day, I fell down…”
“That area has too much traffic.”
“That area’s too dark.”
“That area’s too sketch.”
“We got this!”
My third halfie is coming up – less than a month away now. My running partner and I ran nine miles Saturday, and we’ll do 10 this Sunday. Woo hoo! 
I’ll be honest. I can’t WAIT til this is over. Running, smunning. I need a running break! Maybe tennis?  


misti said...

Oooh, tennis!!

Crop dusting...hahaha! And you do have a few of those falling down stories...don't hate me. They're my fave.

Brooke said...

run break? what means this?? i love those videos. i showed jay the "stuff marathoners say" and he said "yep, yep, yep, that's you!" :P