Monday, June 18, 2012

Babies, babies everywhere...

You know how some weekends are just good? Not just normal good, but italicized good. Granted, most of the time, I have pretty sweet weekends in general, but this one was overly picture-worthy. =) Be warned: It's an overload of cuteness here.

My husband and I took a quick trip north this weekend to visit my mom, dad, and grandmother...and we had a couple of semi-surprise visitors -- sweet little Brycen, my cousin's son, and my aunt, who brought her grandson.
Brycen, my mom, and (trying to hide, it seems) my dad.
Seriously, how precious is his little face? I couldn't stop kissing the sweet kiddo.

My husband -- Brycen's new BFF
I might have hogged the sweet redheaded angel and told him I was going to take him home with me. I was just kidding, though! Um...sort of. ;)

He was greatly attached to my hair. Next time, I'll wear a ponytail!!
Reason No. 2 why this weekend was super awesome: ELLA!!! I *might* have left work early simply to see this cutie pie and her equally cute mama.

Is that not the definition of precious or what?
This dashing gentleman is Mr. Anderson, and he is born to be in front of a camera. Seriously. Every picture he takes is just adorable. See below? Yeah, he was about to burst into tears (apparently, only Simba can sing on the Lion King -- no one else at the table is allowed, HA!). Just fyi, he recovered quickly. Maybe he didn't like it when Mufasa died.

And, to relax and unwind, I spent Sunday afternoon at the park. I staked out my dock, took a peach milkshake and my Bible study, and just baked in the sun. I had a few "friends" come by, too. I regretted not bringing any old bread to feed them, but I figured I could make up for it next time.

Some weekends are just picturesque.


Mari said...

I can hardly stand all that cuteness!

Brooke said...

Ella looks like walking proof of the saying "the bigger the bow the better the mommy" :)

misti said...

Such cutie pies!!! I wanna squeeze those baby boy cheekies!

And yes... My baby doll can rock some what of it! ;-)