Monday, June 11, 2012

Home updates

Over Memorial Day weekend, I got it in my head to repaint our office. It was a dull red color, not very inspiring and it made the room look smaller and darker. As it’s on the bottom level of our house anyway and has one small window, I felt it needed to be brighter.

I only needed to paint two walls, also. One of the walls is white and covered with bookshelves and storage space, and the other wall, the one with the window, is a white brick.

Our bookshelves
don’t have a problem with red. I actually like red. But I wasn’t a big fan of this particular red in this particular room. So I decided it was time to recolor!

Hubby giving me his version of the "duck face" while moving his music equipment. Note the painter's tape in his pocket. This sweet man put up EVERY BIT of painters tape for me.
Starting the priming work!
It only took nine months, but I finally decided on the perfect color: Tiffany blue.

It’s just a bright color, and I thought it would go very well with the white half of our office. And, as Kyle even was a fan when I was finished, I think I succeeded.

My feet after painting. Eek!!! 
SOMEONE put her hand in wet paint -- not once, but twice! Gah!
One happy couple after the painting was done!
…And now the after!

My crafting desk.
FINALLY -- pictures are being placed on the walls!
I still have just a few touch ups, but, overall, I’m quite glad to have one more room in our house painted. Now just one and a half to go!


Brooke said...

red is gorgeous, but you gotta get the right shade and you gotta use it sparingly.

the new color looks great!! :)

Sommer said...

i love it! i tend to shy away from blues as it literally gives me the blues, but that one is bright and happy :) what's the color called and what brand...just curious...

Mari said...

I love it! I have a hard time with blues. I like them, but when I put them on a wall it always ends up looking old fashioned. You did great!

Anonymous said...

Love the new color!

misti said...

Ooh, I wanna see!! I love the color!