Monday, August 6, 2012

Beachy Beach No. 2

I have an obsession with the beach. Just fyi, my retirement plans include living on the beach and catching fish to eat. And making Kyle clean them. Because I don't do that. Ewww!!

We went to the beach again this past week with our Sunday School class, and, as Kyle likes to brag, he managed to stay off of the beach two years in a row. Myself? I hit up the beach, the outdoor pool, the indoor pool, the hot tub, and the sauna. Basically, I stayed in my swim suit the whole time.

First, though, we had a semi-adventure getting to the beach -- we took a ferry!! I had never ridden on a ferry before, and we got VERY lucky, as we were the last car on the ferry. If we hadn't gotten on that ferry, we would have had to wait for 45 minutes for the next one.

At the back of the boat, cheering our good luck.
Dark storm clouds. Luckily, it only rained on the ferry. =)

And we arrived at our condo, which was amazing! It had a balcony overlooking the city...

..and overlooking the beach! Best of both worlds!

And every morning I woke up with this little cutie staring out the glass door at the waves.

And this sweetheart -- and my own sweetheart -- worked on music techniques. He had such cute quotes this weekend!

J: Do you have an iPad?
Me: Yes, we do.
J: Does it have games on it?
Me: Not fun games.
J: Oh...Then what do you call it?

J: (while watching Paula Deen) What is her making??

J: Do you know the zoo?

And, of course, there was the eating. Seriously, between Wednesday night and Thursday night, three of my four meals involved shrimp. Boiled shrimp. Shrimp poboy. Fried shrimp and flounder. And it didn't get much better the following days, either. Seafood omelet. Flounder. Snapper.

And I'm having salmon tonight. I do love some seafood!

As do these guys...

Husband and Richard with their Royal Reds

Note: While taking this picture, my husband is actually stealing a potato from my plate...

Ridiculously adorable.
We came back a day earlier than everybody else, and while I hated to say goodbye to the beach, I am happy to be home in my super comfortable bed with my sweet puppy and guard cat. And, frankly, as much as I do enjoy summer, with last night's Saints game and seeing all the back-to-school sales, I am looking forward to the fall!!


Mari said...

I've been on several ferries and am always happy to get back on land again. There's something about them that freaks me out a bit!
Looks like such a fun week!

Brooke said...

sounds like a wonderful trip

misti said...

I love riding ferry boats!!

Also, can I retire with you? That sounds just right.

I laughed so hard at Kyle hijacking your potato.

That accidentally sounded dirty.

Tara said...

It looks like y'all had a blast!!! My thought about the potato was that Kyle shouldn't be eating that extra sugar. Oh Kyle.

Becca Press said...

I agree, a ferry ride can be fun but i can also be very nerve-wracking, I love touching dry land once I get off the ferry!

Anthony Cerrato said...

I don't do well at all on the water. Give me dry land any day!