Monday, August 13, 2012

Oooh, sometimessss…I get a good feelin’

It’s strange when the students are away. On one hand, I’m psyched because it’s quiet in the office, and it’s nice to be very relaxed during the day. On the other hand…I miss them!!! Sad, isn’t it?

I miss them running in my office with the latest university news…miss how they always keep me full of funny student quotes…miss how they make the day go by faster. I really like my job. I love teaching college students.

However, in the fall, I may not like them quite as much, seeing as I’m teaching an overload of courses – one being a class I’ve never taught before! But the more I think about it, the more I’m okay with it. The department chair is really helping me out with the lecture notes, and a lot of what I’m teaching in one class is what I’m teaching in the other. And neither class is so large that I feel like I will be too overwhelmed.

Though with teaching both classes in one day and finishing up my doctorate, I may quickly feel overwhelmed.

But there are so many great things going on this fall, including my students. A lot of them I taught in the spring, and I just absolutely love this class. They’re so bright and inquisitive (sometimes too much so, ha!), and I hope our freshmen class steps up to the plate. But other things this fall that will be awesome…

·      COOLER WEATHER. Oh my gosh, I am so sick of this summer heat. August hasn’t been nearly as bad as I anticipated with triple-digit degree heat waves in July, but I’ll be so glad when I can run outside and feel the chill in the air.
·      Football. Can’t wait to see my alma mater play (against my other alma mater, too, lol, but that’ll be next year) and my Saints play.
·      Food. Fall brings awesome food – chili, gumbo, jambalaya, hot chocolate, hot apple cider…yum!!! I must admit, though, I am making gumbo this week. What can I say? 94 degrees coming sounds like a cold front!
·      Being done with this silly dissertation!!! We’re looking for an October finish, woo hoo! 
·      Décor! Sadly, I usually sweat like crazy when I put up my fall decorations (you know, right on Sept. 1), but maybe I’ll just turn the AC down and make it feel like fall.
·      Races!!! Ones on the radar that we’re looking into…The ACS Relay for Life is usually a yearly event, as is Bark in the Park (though Vicki does not run), the Autumn Breeze (where you get a really awesome hoodie), and maybe the Warrior Dash. We gotta check dates on that one for conflicts.
·      A new bathroom! Renovations start NEXT WEEK. I’ll have to take some before pictures, because that bathroom is going to be awesome. My husband already has plans to use that as his own bathroom, ha!

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I did, but you tell me what it is! :-)


Mari said...

I think you got it all!
I'm not ready for that cooler weather or Fall decorations, but it's coming all too quickly.
Yay on the bathroom - can't wait to see pictures!

misti said...

Don't forget your many visits to the chuck! I'll harrass you until you come!:)

Oh, Fall...I cannot wait. I'm so ready I could cry. The day we get a cool front (a real one), I anticipate myself running around like a psychopath pulling leaves off of trees from excitement.

And thank you for admitting you put up decorations on the 1st...I will gladly join you.

Brooke said...

can't wait to see before/after pics!! :) we've gotten just a hint of fall weather (coolness in the AM) and i'm loving it!!

Anonymous said...

I am getting ready for the new season, and I am even getting excited about my oldest completing his senior year. {Yes, I said that.} I need to change things up around here more often so these changes do not become so stale. Here's to that bathroom all to yourself once your hubby finishes his... ha!

Aleta said...

Yes, yes, please someone turn on the cool weather! SOON! I'm so tired of the heat. It's draining!

We can't have fall decorations without fall weather :)

Oh, bathroom renovations! I'm envious!!