Monday, August 20, 2012


I don’t care what you’re political ideologies are. You will get chill bumps watching troops who have been overseas more than a year come home.

We had a double doozy – our friend Chris was coming home, as was Kyle’s cousin and his new wife, who married right before shipping off, so we hadn’t even met her before Saturday morning. We arrived at the airport around 9:15 a.m. and joined the crowd of more than 200 individuals who had come to welcome these brave men and women home.

Signs thanking the troops 
Angie is to the left, looking (somewhat) at the camera. She was ecstatic! 
Young and old came to greet Chris. =)
The plane touched down, and as soon as the doors opened, the crowd released a deafening cheer. We knew which one Chris would be, and we quickly picked out Kyle’s cousin and his wife as they stepped off the plane with more than 100 other soldiers. Men and women who protected our freedom, who fought overseas, living away from loved ones and family. And, for Chris, being away from his beautiful wife and adorable daughter.

Chris is coming off the plane! 

You can barely make out Angie, holding her daughter, who rushes out to greet her husband.

But this, even though it’s not the best quality photo, is my favorite.

Daddy and his girl

God bless our country and the men and women who serve.


Mari said...

You are so right - it's an amazing thing to be part of!

misti said...

Geez! I'm already crying! Too early. Lol

Brooke said...

there was a small "welcome home" party in the park this weekend (we were there for a birthday party). not knowing the guy, my mom made me walk over with her so that she could thank him for his service

Amy Hogan said...

Love it! Wasn't it great to witness that?!

Mama Belle said...

So cool!