Friday, September 11, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: Time machine

I'm taking a lead from Rachel and pulling out some blogs from about four years ago -- before I was married and before I graduated with my bachelor's degree. I have two blogs I want to share, both from May 2005 -- about three months before Superman and I got married.

Monday, May 02, 2005

As I have 20 days before the dreaded graduation ceremony, I thought I would share with you what I have learned through my three-year college career.

Class attendance is overrated. Even though I'm always on Superman to go to class, I have learned that mandatory attendance...isn't mandatory. I made great grades during my freshman year, and I slept an average of four hours a night (I had an 8:00 class), skipped all the time, and made all As and the occasional B. Now, as I go to bed early, get 7-8 hours of sleep, go to class, I have As, Bs...and the occasional C. Of course, maybe I'm wrong with my theory. My grade slippage could be from my way fun house, my sexy fiance, refusing to study or do homework...Oh, the list goes on.

You can break into any house or dorm room with an ID card. From a co-worker of mine, I even heard you can do this while drunk. So leave your keys at home, but make sure to bring your ID card!

Being stuck in an elevator will make or break a claustrophobic. Memory: Friend from high school. Me. Between 4th and 5th floor of the dorm elevator. My friend, hitting all four sides of the elevator, and then collapsing on the floor. Me, the worst claustrophobic of them all, hitting the alarm button. Both of us calling the police. The police taking a very, very long time to get there...

Pictures are evidence. Dispose of them. (BCM girls know what I'm talking about).

124 days until I become Mrs. Superman!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Wedding countdown: 110 days to go.

So, as I have six days before I walk down and become an alumna, I got to thinking. I have three months to go until I get married. That's a big WOW.

I don't believe I would take one thing back from my college career. Everything I went through made me the person I am today. I used to wish that Superman and I had started dating when I first came to college...Then I realized how silly that was. Superman and I both were not ready for each other. Neither of us really knew how to love. I was demanding, he was indifferent. I don't think we would have stayed together had we began dating in 2002.

Three years at this university...So many memories. I'm taking away so much from this place. I've learned so much, like no matter how many purple kool-aid packets you put in the fountain, it doesn't turn colors...I've learned s'mores and your closest friends are the best times... you and your two closest friends getting the three best parking spots at the dorm is the most satisfying experience in the world...midnight runs with toilet paper, forks, and flour are incredibly adventurous...jumping in the fountain at the town park at night is not cool when you don't have a towel to dry off on...

I've learned friendship, not lust, starts the fire of love...only your true love will hold your hair back while you vomit into his toilet from food poisoning...peer pressure can be fought...never sit back; always stand up for what you believe in...some people are just mean, and there's nothing you can do about it...never let anyone tell you what you can and can't do...stress is overrated....class is overrated... I'm madly in love with my fiancé.

This is the week of my graduation.

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kara with a k said...

I had the best time in college, it sounds like you did too! I wish I had done some sort of journal/blog type thing during my college days, it would have been fun to look back at some of the specifics.

Anonymous said...

That was fun!

And I love your new blog look - have I told you that yet?

septembermom said...

That was a nice trip down memory lane. You really had your head on straight in college :) You give some great advice!

Anonymous said...

I love reading these old blogs of yours because I didn't get to read them the first time around! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved college. What a fun walk down memory lane for you! I wish I had started a blog during college...I just used my xanga sporadically in my last year.

I am loving your new look it is fabulous!

(I too am working on my master's in Counseling but I am not sure what direction I will be going....I hope your hubby is enjoying it!) :)

Lucy Marie said...

It's so fun going through old posts - especially for those of us who weren't around to read about your life back then. Things sure can change in a few years, can't they?