Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I love Mars Hill Church. LOVE it. When the collegiate minister at our church mentioned a job opportunity for my husband in Seattle, he said no. I said maybe. That's how much I love Mars Hill. I listen to Mark Driscoll's podcasts (and Rob Bell's) frequently. If you haven't checked them out, DO SO NOW. If I ever get the opportunity to visit Seattle, you best believe I'm going there.

The point of this blog is so not about my love for Mars Hill and its ministry. I am a facebook "friend" of Mark Driscoll (of COURSE) and he posted a link to the Mars Hill blog about underage prostitution. Click here to read the information. (FYI, I have been told the link is not working, so if it's not working where you are, just copy and paste this:

Did you read it? Good. Cause I'm not rehashing it here.

My heart breaks for those girls -- and for the boys/men who are using them. My immediate thought when I read something like that is, What can I do? Can I donate some money? I can't go up to Seattle, so what can I do?

I didn't see a link to donate, so...pray.

If you haven't gathered from previous posts, I am a FIRM, STAUNCH, RELENTLESS believer in the power of prayer. I don't think when we pray to God that we're just thinking "happy thoughts" or "wishful thoughts." I believe we stand in front of the throne of the Almighty, and I am His daughter.

Wow. That's just so cool.

Anway -- again, I'm a little spacey this week (needing to write an 18-page paper by Monday will do that to you -- oh, and having NO TIME to do it) -- please, just pray for these girls. I wouldn't think many people are praying for them.

Sorry for such a downer blog, but this is just something that needs to be distributed. =)


Growin' with it! said...

my friend...i am glad you wrote on something so important. 12-13 year olds? *sigh* being from the west coast, this sinks in even more understanding the culture there. we live in such a lost world and though appalling, it is so true that this sort of stuff doesn't just happen in "other" countries. prayer is RIGHT! these girls need us to.

side note: have you heard of dan allender? AMazing man of God.

Mama Belle said...

I, too, love Mars Hill Church, both Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell. Will head over to read.

Brooke said...

life isn't always upbeat and cheerful. there are people out there hurting who need us to storm the gates of heaven and petition on their behalf. thank you bringing this to our attention

kara with a k said...

Thanks for posting about this, and for the link, I will check it out. You are right, prayer is powerful and sometimes we underestimate the importance of the role we get to play in God working when we get to pray over big big things.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Praying right devestating.

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Thanks for being a voice for those who can't speak for themselves (I think that's a Bible verse but I don't know the reference).

Since I love podcasts so much, I need to go listen to some Marc Driscoll sermons.

Sabrina said...

Prayer is so hard for me. I do it, but it's ugly. Thank God the Holy Spirit perfects them, because they stink. (That may be the weirdest sentence ever.) I am so happy that it comes naturally to you...I think people who are "prayer warriors" probably save all our butts! Keep praying!

Colleen said...

there is so much work to do. i live in atlanta which is considered in the top 5 cities for sex trafficking. it sucks :( we have one student group whose purpose is to tackle this issue...LOVE Mars Hill and Rob Bell! Oh, i'll have to send you a website that lists small things we can do (in addition to prayer) to not contribute further to this issue...