Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WYAW: The work edition

YEA!! It's time for What's Your Answer Wednesday -- the reason I get up on Wednesdays! And, just for kicks and giggles, it's a WORK edition!!!

Sorry. Too little sleep, too much coffee.

Okay, back to bizness.

1. What job did you absolutely HATE and why?

2. Who was the craziest co-worker you had to deal with? What made them "crazy"?

3. Have you ever experienced one defining moment with a job, when you realized, "Ah, yes, THIS is why I'm doing this"?

4. What do you do now?

My answers

1. While I didn't HATE working at the coffee shop in New Orleans, it definitely was the scariest job I had. First, I had to beat the stupid huge black "water bugs" (whateva, N.O., they are ROACHES) off my front door (seriously -- I would kick my apartment door from the inside to startle them) BEFORE dawn (I had to be there usually around 5 a.m.). I had to drive into New Orleans from Metairie (and then from Luling...I've told that story, right?) and hope that no one attacked me as I walked from my car to the coffee shop (my aunt sent me a LOVELY e-mail about r*pes and how, basically, I was a prime target). Then, once I got there, I had to deal with a few rude people (but revenge is best served in a coffee cup...That's all I'm sayin'.), a co-worker who stole my tips (I'll beat her black and blue), a knife-wielding co-worker (part of her job making sandwiches), and an owner who usually came in to show us pics of the North Korean "woman" (If she was a day older than 18, I'm 60) he was supporting and trying to get her to come over here to marry him. It was...ahem...interesting...but I did get free coffee. ;)

2. There are so many to choose from...seriously, I've talked to Rachel and Misti about this. I seem to attract the crazies (somewhere, Rindy is laughing because she has similar experiences...). BUT I'm going to go with C as the craziest, mainly because he drove ME insane. It's hard to deal with a co-worker who a) tells the major of the town that you (and the other girls in your workplace) are his "harem," refuses to do his work but complains when YOU don't do it for him (no joke, this actually happened), and then tells you that he's going to do some work...and goes and visits his wife at her work (verified evidence). Now, that part's crazy enough, right? But, honestly, he could be nice when he wanted to be. never knew when that could be. I could go home from lunch when he was in a great mood and come back, and he'd be in the worst. mood. ever. So that's why C gets Craziest Co-worker Award.

But, yes, Rindy, L is right behind...It's hard not to say that she's a runner-up as she took personal photos of herself and her husband...with a work camera...and decided not to delete the evidence...

3. Yes, with my current job. I'll keep this brief because it's fairly personal. I had a student who was dealing with a lot of issues, and, because I was worried, I turned this student into the counseling services. It was a hard choice, because some people are offended by the idea that they need counseling, but this student needed help, and I couldn't help like a professional could. Afterwards, the student came to me and thanked me, saying that it had been a difficult time lately but the student was glad that I cared enough about all my students to make the call. That was really one of the most defining days of my career.

4. I work at a university. We're not really sure what my title is at this time (long story). I teach, and I write press releases.

Your turn!! And for more, WYAW fun, visit Linda!


Growin' with it! said...

hmm, if i could just get past the roach part...ey yi yi!!
1. "janitor" at my dad's heavy equipment shop. greasy men are even more disgusting when they leave the urinal unsightly! ugg.
2. this "old" lady i worked with at a lumber mill. let's just say she said curse words i've never heard before!
3. ministry. i started out just as a secretary in our church and soon realized the calling on my heart & life. i am still so humbled God chose me (& my man!!)
4. 13 year sahm who's looking for a job!!

i smiled at the end of your current student story. it's amazing how God uses us, huh?! ☺

Brooke said...

1. working in the back for a restaurant. mostly cause they had me doing things a 15 year old shouldn't, like washing blades from the meat slicer

2. "b" aka dementia lady who was convinced that the IS department had a magic button they would press to make things work or not work on her computer

3. when jay got hurt and we went to the ER. keeping it real cause the insurance benefits are the reason i'm here

4. official title is office specialist. which basically just means answering phones, filing, and whatever no one else wants to do!

Anonymous said...

1. AMSOUTH BANK!!! And that's all I can say without wanting to throw something.

2. I don't know so many crazies as I do creepies. There was the guy at Amsouth who embezzled 1/2 a million dollars from our clients and was taken out of the office in handcuffs. Then at JPJ there was the office manager who came into my office, closed the door, and offered to heal my TMJ by simply "placing his hands on me" (his words - he did reiki). So lots and lots of skin-crawling weirdos.

3. Not so much with a job, but when I found out I was pregnant I knew that was the defining moment I wanted out of corporate America.

4. Mom, church jack-of-all-trades. :)

And you are right, they are SO roaches. *shudders violently*

Sara@i.Sass said...

I'm still laughing over your #2!
1)I've hated all my jobs. That is why I've QUIT them all. Working as a line server at Old Country Buffet, I lasted a day and a half. OR you could say working for Nancy was far from pleasant. Being a glorified copy maker, where I sat around doing nothing for 20-22 days a month, only to be yelled at to "make the copies" for a hundred plus page meeting package for a dozen people that was due THAT DAY!
2)Hmmm, Crazy...well I worked for a cell tower company and my "boss" was younger then ME, he was also HOT, and stupid. I covered his butt so many stinking times it drove me the most CRAZY. ANd he'd use the women's bathroom, be cause it was ALL guys but me and I kept my bathroom clean. I had a few melt downs over it. And let's just say it drove me CRAZY that I wanted him to lock the office door, throw me on his desk and have his way with me. How CRAZY is that?? Did I mention he was hot? and stupid?
3) Working with kids with special needs. I worked crazy hours, but something about those kids. To this day I will go out of my way, spend any amount of time interacting with them. (or adults)
Just the other day, my kids were dying of hunger at Mcdonalds and I was talking with a guy who was telling me all about his adventure at the fair. I LOVE them. I should volunteer more...
4)SAHM, knowing that I am raising my youngins, I'll let you know when they are adults if I am satisfied with my job...:)

misti said...

1. Gift wrapper at Hallmark during the holiday season. I am terrible at wrapping. I destroyed so many innocent people's Christmas packages that year. People just stared at me while I struggled to wrap their gifts. I would feel myself sweating under their glares. Can't blame 'em though, they paid for it and I did an awful job. Haha

2. That chick in Houston. You remember. She went behind me and checked in on my patients, looking for minor mistakes in my chart notes, stalked my routine during the day, etc. She went as far as to correct me on the spelling of a disease (I was right, though). The weirdest part was that she was not in any way my superior.

3. Most days I don't really enjoy what I do, but when I see someone getting healthier (evidenced by weight loss or good labs) with a little help from me, that's a pretty good feeling.

4. I run the outpatient and inpatient nutrition department (registered dietitian) at a local hospital.

misti said...

Btw - best line from your answers: "revenge is best served in a coffee cup."


Michelle said...

1. i'm gonna go with the "nanny" job right out of high school. weird family. looking back i think the parents smoked pot all the time!

2. this older lady that i worked with in the office. she drove me absolutely crazy. she was grumpy, and miserable, to the point she wanted to make sure you were miserable right along with her.

3. i know it's really not a job (that pays, anyway) but teaching the girls at home.

4.stay @ home mom

by the way.... i love your new look. i don't know if i mentioned that yet or not, but it's SO pretty. i love the colors