Friday, May 13, 2011


(Take Two.)

First, they started as seeds, and, within a week, they began to grow.

Now, a month after planting, they've almost ready for bigger pots.

Maybe my non-green thumb is turning green after all. =)


misti said...

I'm so proud!! Now you're going to have to share...because this lazy baby mama didn't plant anything ;)

misti said...

P.S. Hey...I think this is getting along the lines of being crafy! Welcome to the home, gardening, crafty world! I knew you had it in you :)

Brooke said...

very nice. flowers or veggies?

Penny said...

Tomatoes! =)

misti said...

Stupid blogger deleted all kinds of posts and comments! Rats!

Anywho...what I tried to say on here was that I would say this is definitely in the realm of craftiness and I am very proud! :D

And you have to share...because this prego got lazy and didn't plant anything! Although I did swipe some yellow squash from my in-laws' garden tonight...yummm