Thursday, May 19, 2011

I (apparently) make stuff

So this past weekend, this lovely lady and I let out our inner craftiness as she directed me in the way of one of my first craft projects. It’s probably not a surprise that she’s also the one who made sure I made this Christmas treat a success.

This time, however, we crafted a fake mosaic found here. I LOVE mosaics. Absolutely love them. And it looked fairly easy for me to accomplish, which was also a necessity for a craft project. And…it turned out good!

First was my trip to Hobby Lobby for party supplies, which was honestly how this project got started. I mean, I was already in Hobby Lobby. Why not run by the craft section? And ask what the heck mod podge was (yes, that was a question of mine – also turns out, for those of you with allergies, that you shouldn’t use mod podge indoors. Fair warning).

The first step, though, is to paint your board. =)

I LOVE painting (on most occasions). As my mosaic was going to be full of earth tones, I picked a bright gold color that makes me think of sunshine.

FYI, I used a plastic board canvas. $2 and works awesome.

Second – make the stupid little one-inch squares to cut out. The drawing of the lines and the cutting was SO STINKING BORING. Seriously – splurge on the paper cutter if you don’t have one. It’s so worth it.

And even though I used a random pattern, yes, I had to have my one-inch squares separated by colors into bowls. Because I’m apparently borderline OCD.

Half a row finished!

I got really excited about halfway done and almost quit there. However, I figured I could finish this project in an afternoon (which I did) and figured it would get lost in the many craft-projects-I-started-but-never-finished stashed in our spare room, so I pressed on and kept gluing one-inch squares to my canvas.

Ah!! Now for the mod podge!!

And, ladies and gentlemen, perhaps my second “real” craft project, a perfect addition to the kitchen table that I use for decoration instead of eating, ha!

What craft project have you done lately? Or are you more non-crafty, kind of like me? =)


misti said...

Yayyy! I've been waiting on this post, LOL! I love how it turned out! Might have to make one...after I find a paper cutter, that is. ;)

Brooke said...

very cute!!

i'm not crafty so i don't even try

Meredith said...

It looks great!

I would totally not have the patience for that project, lol!

Mari said...

That is so cool! Nice job!

Lindsey Walpole said...

love love love this! Next time you want to be crafty...I want to come
! I love crafts! :)

sara said...

love it! and I do love doing crafts, but haven't attempted one in a VERY long time. I figure I will get back into it when I have grandchildren! ha!

Ginger said...

Hang that on your wall now. The perfect focal point for your dining area.

You so have worked some patience on this one.

Great job.

Kimberly said...

You are too crafty;) it looks great! Next time u get in a crafty mood, call ur crafty neighbor and we can be crafty together. Lol

Aleta said...

I have crafts coming out the yazoo. Don't ask.

Love the mosaic project!

AND... love that blue dog painting! Yeah!