Friday, August 5, 2011

And boom goes the dynamite

So when is the Super family moving?


Our closing date will be between Aug. 22-26, but Kyle and I really want to get everything moved in beforehand so the last couple of days, we can get the power and cable switched to the new house and aren’t having to throw things frantically into boxes on closing day…whenever that is.

Therefore, and because the Time of Comps began Aug. 1, we decided to start getting one room a week ready. This week…Spare Bedroom No. 1 and Master Bedroom.

This master bedroom currently is a forest green color that isn’t necessarily a bad color…it’s just not what I want. However, Spare Bedroom No. 1….the décor MUST go.

What’s really funny is that the guy we’re buying the house from thought that this particular room would help the house sell faster. And, while some people might like this particular room, we did not.

It’s an LSU room.


It’s MORE than an LSU room. It’s the purple and gold with a HUGE tiger eye painted on one of the walls. Granted, the tiger eye is very well done…but I do not want it.

And for those of y’all who are wondering, “Now, wait…don’t they live in Louisiana?” Why, yes, yes, we do. But not only are we not LSU fans (we attended a different university), but I do not want my bedrooms decorated in ANY sports colors (The man cave downstairs is another matter, and, yes, it will be decorated in Saints colors…but the walls will not be black nor gold.). If we have a little boy and he wants his room decorated with his favorite team colors, that’s just fine. But we have no children right now, so the house will be decorated according to my tastes (and, to some extent, Kyle’s tastes, lol!).

At any rate, today, we paint! I frantically searched for the perfect master bedroom color, and I found it. I found EXACTLY what I wanted.

Hello, aged teak!

And, for the LSU room, I’m hoping it will eventually turn out something like this:

I’m 100 percent in love with grays and yellows paired with blues or greens. I chose to go green for the spare room because a) I like green and b) the living and dining areas are painted a dark blue, so I wanted something a little different.

So keep praying that everything still goes smoothly and we don’t have any hiccups before the nebulous closing date. We’re excited, though, and we’re ready to get in our new home!!


misti said...

Ooooh! I love those colors! The aged teak looks a lot like my living room color, maybe a little less taupe-ish though. The gray room will be perfect too! So pretty. Can't wait to see the finished products!

P.S. You could paint that LSU room black with poop brown accents and it would still be an improvement! Haha

Kimberly said...

My husband would have been in heaven in that LSU room! Lol. I agree with u guys though; its gotta go! I hope the moving goes well and give me a call if u need any unpacking help!

Aleta said...

I'm laughing so hard. My cousins live in Baton Rouge and you know that's LSU big time. They are HUGE fans.. and YES. their bedroom is in Purple and Gold! So is their family room. It's a .... ummmm... big much. Lol.

Mama Belle said...

I don't know why in the world you wouldn't want a purple and gold room. ;)

So fun to start decorating from scratch in a new house! Makes me want to move.

Brooke said...

love the aged teak color! and i totally get what you're saying - a UT Vol room would have sent me screaming the other direction!!

Mari said...

I love the colors and the look you are going for. It's going to look great!

Sara@TCme said...

LOV~ELY! Aged teak is gorgeous. I too love the grays. I can't wait to see the new place, but maybe you should rethink the purple and gold, I mean this could be the Vikings year now that Crusty McNabb, I mean Donovon is QBing for us! But the tiger's eye will have to go, you'll need a horn instead!LOL

septembermom said...

Great colors! Love the choices. Wish you tons of luck :)

Kelly Combs said...

Love the colors you've selected! Laughing at the LSU room.

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

GORGEOUS! You really have an eye for color.