Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have a baking problem.

I had some friends over Sunday night for a small “anti-draft” party, as all of our husbands were fantasy football drafting that evening, and I baked forever. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to bake without sweating (and have a large kitchen to spread out!), so once I started…I didn’t stop.

One of the fun items I made was pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream icing. Yeah, think about that deliciousness for a second.

Or just look.
Photo courtesy of www.madeinmelskitchen.com
I actually had my own pictures, but I left my camera at home and am impatient, so I’ll give credit where credit is due and show someone else’s.

These things are ridiculously good – and sweet. Talk about a sugar rush. Tara saw me lick the spoon (and the bowl) clean Sunday afternoon. Ridiculous.

Naturally, with most things I bake these days, I found the recipe through Pinterest, and click here to go directly to the recipe.

Make them. And love them.

Or you can share them with people who recently had too-sweet-for-me-to-do-anything-but-baby-talk babies.

Like this baby.

She can’t eat the cupcakes now, but her mama and daddy can.

I think I need another one now. Hmmm.

Also (told you this was a hodgepodge). I need new books to read. What’s out there that’s captivated you, makes you want to read all the time? With football season coming up and my sweet husband doing two radio shows a week, I need some fun reading material. So share away! =) 


sara said...

oh my word those looks so good!!!

I don't know what genre you like but here is what I have been reading this summer: The particular Sadness of Lemon cake, Of Bees and Mist, The Assassin's Apprentice (the Farseer trilogy). all good!

I have heard that The Hunger Games is very good and may start those next.

Aleta said...

Wow! Those look delicious and would be oh so perfect for fall weather. Let me correct that - perfect for any weather :) It's just that pumpkin brings fall to mind :)

I have a book review blog. If you go to my main blog, look to the right for 'Between the Pages' blog button. Let me know what you read, I'm always open to finding a new book :)

Aleta said...

Oh, I wanted to ask... I see "Subscribe" on the right of your blog, but there's nothing there to click on? Do you have an email subscription?

Mari said...

They look wonderful and the baby is just adorable!

Brooke said...

okay i need to come visit. i'll swap you some books for a cupcake or two.

have you read the stephanie plum books (One for the Money, etc)? Kinsey Milhone? (A is for alibi) or the Ivy Malone (Invisible) series? those are all good fun mysteries.

Michelle said...

Those cupcakes look good and what a sweet little baby!

Lisa said...

She is just beautiful!!

I just read The Help and I highly recommend it. It works well with the movie, which is rare.

Lindsey Walpole said...

Yummy! As for books...Im hooked on the Hunger Games books. Im already on the 2nd one and I just started last week! :)

Sara@TCme said...

Aw, What a sweet Cupcake! and those frosted ones look pretty tasty too! ;0)