Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No, really, I AM studying for comps…

Christopher Voegler, a mass media scholar, has defined 12 parts of a hero’s journey, something that many of Hollywood films work to develop. There are common patterns a hero goes through, and, as part of one of my comps questions, I have to name and explain all 12 stages. As I feel knowledge is best learned through examples, here’s my own hero’s journey of selling/buying a house:

1. Ordinary World
Here I am, in my sweet little home where my husband, my dog, and I have lived for the past five years. We’re happy here, a little snug, but for our two person plus one dog family, it’s fine.

2. Off to adventure
Oh, snap, here’s a beautiful house! For sale! In a good price range! With everything we want! We weren’t looking for this adventure, but here it is, in our lap! So we decide we want to take this adventure to a new house.

3. Refusal of the call
We panicked at first. Can we afford a higher mortgage? What about with kids in the future? Can we sell our own house? What do we do?

4. Mentor
We hire a super awesome real estate agent!!

5. First threshold.
We sign a purchase contract and put our house on the market and begin to panic. But we courageously battle on! (Note: End of Act 1)

6. Test allies and enemies.
Prospective people come looking at our house. Will they buy, or are they just lookie-loos?

7. Approach to the inmost cave.
We find a buyer. Will he actually be The Buyer?

8. Supreme Ordeal.
We haggle, we argue, and we agree to a selling price. Closing date is set.

9. Reward.
We get a huge check made out to US at the selling date (which, btw, was YESTERDAY!!). (Note: End of Act 2)

10. The road back.
We plan to close on our new house.

11. Resurrection.
We face one last struggle – trying to flipping close on the new house!

12. Return with elixir.
As we have not reached this stage yet, all I can give you is my notes: Hero returns with the elixir or prize that will heal the wounded land. (Note: End of Act 3)

Closing on our new house is turning out to be quite a hassle, about as stressful as selling!! While we’re legally homeless, I suppose, we actually are in the new house right now, which I’m very grateful for. I’m glad we’re not holed up in some hotel or having to find an apartment, I’m ready to officially own our new home! So keep us in your prayers – and Misti, too! That baby is coming this week! =D

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Brooke said...

it took us a month or two extra to close on our house, but thankfully our landlords (and my in-laws) were understanding