Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Watch

We are currently on Baby Watch for Misti. She's in the hospital, she's been induced...and now we're just waiting on Ella.

I lost the baby bet. My mom lost the baby bet. Kyle did, too. In fact, just about everyone BUT Misti lost the baby bet.

But she may still be wrong. We've got about 11 hours left in the day. Ella may want to have Aug. 27 as her birthday.

At any rate, I'm antsy. I'm ready to hold that sweet baby, and she is not being cooperative. Ella, as an adult, if you ever read this, please note that your Aunt Penny spent your birth day (or the day before your birth) wasting time at work wishing she were with your biological aunts, grandmother, and cousin at the hospital.

So, if you read this, just say a prayer for Misti, Ella, and her family and the doctors so she has an easy and safe delivery. And quickly. We're getting impatient around here. ;)


Brooke said...

i'd say so! i'd love to hear when Ella finally makes her arrival

Sommer said...

i said she'd have to be induced! i win.

ok, now c'moooon, ella. you have cool people to meet!

lindsey said...

Awe, I can't wait to hear! And see pics :).