Friday, April 17, 2009

Don’t drink the water

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Last year, I was stocking up on wedding presents. I’m the person who buys Christmas gifts starting in June (seriously), so I would start stocking up on wedding presents. In fact, I have about six in my house right now – some that I have specially picked out and some, frankly, that I have “just in case.”

But instead of shopping at pottery places or places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I have now changed my places of purchase.

To The Children’s Shoppe.
To Gymboree.
To Babies R Us.


I kid you not, I know EIGHT couples who are having babies between now and September. EIGHT. And, for the record, so far we have five girls and one (maybe two?) boys.

I think I need to drink bottled water. Apparently pregnancy is going around.

(And, yes, in case you’re wondering, I do know what really causes pregnancy; I was just being funny. Ha. Ha.)

I’m getting invitations for one of the couples, close friends of ours, printed up tomorrow (because my husband is Superman and did a great design – seriously, I’ll have to show you if I can figure out how to get it on here...), and there’s another baby shower for Superman’s cousin in May and another one, and another one, and another one…


I seriously did inventory last night for the presents we do have. “Okay, I already gave April her gift, but I have her something else that’s small, and I’ve got Rebecca’s, but I need to get the baby’s initials on it, and we bought Kim's last weekend,” I muttered as Superman watched me incredulously. “And I still don’t have anything for Tammy – is she having a boy? I thought I heard that? – or Robbie or Keri, but we don’t know what Keri’s having yet…”

(Note that this was done right beside the Christmas presents that, yes, I have already started purchasing. I’m a frugal shopper! I know good deals when I see ‘em.)

But, you know what? I love it! I love shopping for baby stuff because all of my friends are having these darling kiddos, and I get to play with every one of them – and then give them back to Mommy or Daddy when they need a diaper change. Ha!!! Plus, having so many friends around me who are having babies just means I get their wisdom and hand-me-downs when I get pregnant. ;)

See? There’s always a plan…


Carol said...

You are quite the smart shopper. Good for you for having a plan and for starting your shopping early and when the deals are good! I should start my Christmas shopping then, too, since we have a boatload of kiddos. :-) LOL

Brooke said...

i just held a 1-day-old yesterday!

every so often my sister calls me "when you have kids do you want the _____ the princess and the little man used?" i'm gonna be set :)

Anonymous said...

I love me some babies! And shopping for those little clothes is so fun!

septembermom said...

You're going to have so many "baby" experts around when your time comes! You're very smart to shop ahead of time. It does seem like baby showers come in bunches. Get ready to say all those "oohs and aahs" for all the cute onesies held up to the crowd!

Anonymous said...

The water around here is nasty anyway, so you have a good excuse!

I love it that you have so much shopping for others. It will pay off when you do have your first child in more ways than one.

For now, enjoy giving them back and embrace your time with Superman. Besides, it's not like you are busy teaching or anything... ha!


Kristen @ {dancing} in the margins said...

I Christmas shop starting in the summer too! You are a woman after my own heart! :P

Shopping for babies, though, is there anything better? Such cute little clothes!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I'm with you - I always buy stuff waaay ahead...for Christmas, baby showers, whatever. And I think shopping for baby clothes is so much fun - since mine is technically not a baby anymore, I just shop for my friends now. :)

misti said...

that's right - play with them and hand the little rugrats back over!!! haha

alihsee said...

Oh I just LOVE going into the baby section... so so cute! :) Have fun shopping!

Lisa said...

Smart move! I came, saw your blog,Love it!! I saw a Fleur De Lis on the football field. I think/hope you would like my blog.

Patrice said...

Came across your blog this morning! I am also a Chihuahua lover and have one Mantastic Chihuahua named Higgins that I am head over heels in love with!! Really enjoyed reading your blog this morning!