Thursday, April 16, 2009

Silent majority

I guess I'm a protester now. I hope I spelled it correctly.

I went to my first protest yesterday. I was a Tea Party protester.

The guy who was in charge of our city's Tea Party Protest said he only expected around 15 people to show up. But by the time I got there (ten minutes late), he was floored as about 100 showed support on our city's courthouse steps.

Volunteers read the Bill of Rights, and the organizer passionately urged people to call their congressmen and congresswomen. Senators and representatives estimate that for each phone call they receive regarding an issue, 200 of their constituents feel the same way.

I'm kind of surprised myself that I went to the protest, but here's the thing: I'm a pretty laid-back person. I get along with just about everyone who's sane. But I do get riled up about some things. And I could not see anything wrong with being an extra body at the civilized and non-violent protest to show my opinion. I have a voice, too, and as the organizer said, "We are not the silent majority anymore."

Also, here's something a colleague showed me that you might find interesting. Click here.
I'm not an overly political person, I'm really not. But today, I guess I am. =)


septembermom said...

You may not be an overly political person, but you are a thinking, caring individual. Good for you for going and giving your support. How ridiculous to classify pro-lifers as potential terrorists? That's way out of line. Can't they focus on getting the real threats to our society?

Brooke said...

mr. right and i want to attend one, but didn't have one here locally. i suppose that means we should have organized one!

Sara@i.Sass said...

What's a tea party protest?
How come those Babies had signs on them saying they are $36,000 in debt, is it because of the bail out?
I know I've missed a post or two, but now I'm curious...
I think it's GREAT that you attended a peaceful protest if it is what your heart believes.
I'd do the same thing.
As for the anti-abortionists being terrorists...umm, ok SOME that bomb the places go too far, others for the most part just want to hold signs and educate the other choice(s). I am a Christian, I am againest abortion, so I guess I'm a terrorist now too? Oh brother!

Growin' with it! said...

last night was a *mama's NOT cookin'* night and so when i decided to grab some KFC and got stuck in the worst traffic i've ever seen around here, i was clueless. UNTIL i noticed the huge crowd of people walking back from the post office w/ signs, etc. the biggest tear jerker one was the little boy carrying the "pro life" sign.

there i sat waiting to buy chicken and other mom's where taking a stand for something so VERY important. i'm bummed i missed out.

good for you girl!

Anonymous said...

You know, I figured in my lib city there would be no tea parties so I didn't even check to see if there was one. But I think it's SO AWESOME that my teeny tiny hometown had a tea party. LET THE PEOPLE'S VOICES BE HEARD!!!

misti said...

Miss protestor, huh! Next thing you know, you'll be runnin' for mayor! ;)

Mari said...

Good for you! I was happily surprised by how many people showed up for this!

Kim said...

Good for you. I know you guys need to speak up about some things over on your side and I think the more the better! I'm with you though - I am not very political either - about most things. I laughed at the line - I get along with most sane people.

Chatty Kelly said...

Several folks have been blogging about this.

My friend Edie at
ran one of the protests in Arlington TX.

shabby girl said...

Hubby was all gloom and doom over many of the "changes" our country is moving towards. I found it very reassuring to know that people will "stand up."

MInTheGap said...

Congrats about standing up for something! If more of us would do it, it would send a message-- but the real time to make this count is at elections (especially the primaries). We need people to run that believe as we do, and not just say that they do.