Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Superdog's first trip to the puppy spa

Superdog does not like clothes.

She does not like cute little T-shirts, and she's not fond of collars. But she'll tolerate them.

Puddin', Dad's dog, on the other hand, LOVES clothes. She'll help you put her sweater on. Che-che, his other dog, will wear clothes. But not willingly. When she was younger (she turned 15 last month), that little Chihuahua would rip your arm to shreds if you tried to put clothes on her. She's become more leinent in her old age.

Puddin' and Che-che frequent the "puppy spa." They get a good bath and even a bandana tied around their necks when they leave. Puddin' lllooovvveeesss the puppy spa. In fact, one time her bandana fell off while Dad was gone, and she carried it around in her mouth for three days until he came home and put it back on for her.

I decided Superdog needed a spa trip. Needed is the correct word, too, because she needed her teeth cleaned and her nails trimmed...and a good bath. She was very nervous at first, but when I picked her up about an hour later, she was a new dog.

VERY new.

They have little gates placed around the front of the shop where the dogs can run around in their own space, and Superdog was in the very first one. With a pink Elmo bandana.

And RED nail polish.

I laughed SO hard, y'all, I was embarrassed of myself. But my almost-four-year-old dog has NEVER worn nail polish. She looked so confused when I picked her up (and smelled so nice and felt so soft!).

She's growing accustomed to the new "look," though it may only last a night (not sure if Superman is going to walk a dog with a pink bandana and red nail polish). But it's quite entertaining for now!


Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

I am still laughing!! still! !

misti said...

Oh my GOSH!! Hahahaha! Poor, poor Voo Doo!

Brooke said...

lol! i had no clue they did that to dogs!!

Michelle said...

omgoodness! how cute is that!!

Anonymous said...

If Superman has issues with your silver Mustang, I'm betting the pink bandana and nail polish aren't going to go over too well!

Sarah M. said...

We just watched Beverly Hills Chi...... I have no idea how to spell your dogs breed, and I need to get, but it was a funny movie!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

OH, I LOVE it! You crack me up and make me feel better about what I do to Zoe!

Sara@i.Sass said...

In the first picture, where she is wearing the t-shirt you can totally tell she ain't liking it! But then she looks really proud of her new look. I think she LOVED the spa too! Puddin is a dog after my own heart, carried her scarf around until someone put it back on! Oh sweet thing!
Piper, (our Schaunzer) HATES clothes too. No, bandanas either. She's an oh-natural kind of dog.
Done't you just love their personalities!

tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, I love the names of your dogs!! lol too cute!
Ooooh, you said check my mail, I'm getting excited, going out to get yours this weekend and will have it out to you by Tuesday at the latest! In the meantime, think I'll give myself a pedicure, not unlike Puddin's, hehe