Monday, April 27, 2009

Gross!/Sort of an update

Superman had labwork done this morning at 7 a.m. It took less than five minutes. I had no idea it was that fast!

We didn't get any sleep last night. Mainly cause of Superdog. Rotten little rat.

We had to get up at 5:30 this morning, so we went to bed early. Superman woke me up at about midnight to tell me the Red Sox won, and I drifted on back to sleep, dreaming, I kid you not, about "Bewitched." In the middle of my dream, I moved my feet around in real life, and I felt something on the bed. Uncomfortable at having something besides sheets touch my feet, I pushed it aside. And felt another little round ball.

And then conciousness broke through.

"SUPERMAN!" I shouted, a little upset with myself for waking him up at 2:30 a.m. but even more upset with the dog. "Turn the light on! I think the dog just pooed in the bed!"

And, sure enough, there were "presents" scattered throughout the bed. I was appalled. Disgusted.

To make matters worse, Superdog just looked at us like we were crazy when we turned the lights on.

"GET UP, LITTLE DOG!" I yelled, jerking her awake. "If I have to be awake right now, so do you!"

She suddenly realized the error in her ways and dove headfirst under the bed.

Rotten little rat.

It didn't take long to clean up the mess, but I didn't speak to Superdog until we left for blood work this morning. Which I guess wasn't a long time...but she knew I was mad.

She has NEVER pooped in the bed before. Well, she did once, after she was fixed, but we counted that as her not being able to easily jump off the bed (and our inability to keep her from getting on the bed). For her to do this is...shocking, to say the least.

And if I wake up again with poo at my feet...Superdog can say goodbye to sleeping with Mommy and Daddy.

UPDATE ON SUPERMAN: We've got an appointment today at 1:45 (CST). Yea!


Mari said...

Oh - what a rude awakening! We are upset with our cat over here, because she pooped on the carpet this morning! Easily cleaned, but what was she thinking?

Growin' with it! said...

i think it is HILARIOUS that you are willing to talk about how your dog pooped on your bed on your blog. now that's a blogger i love...sharing all the gross stuff even.

just wait til you have a kiddo in your bed spitting up or having a diaper blow out. maybe your "rat" is just doing her part in preparing you as parents someday? just trying to see the silver lining here for ya! ☺ *off to go gag up my fruit loops now*

Anonymous said...

Umm... disgusting. Lucky for her she's cute.

BTW I lost you on IM earlier. :( I didn't get to hear the rest of the story.

septembermom said...

Good luck at the appointment today :)
Superdog did not leave you a welcoming wake up present! I would have freaked out too!

misti said...

EWWWW bad vix! Can't say Sammi hasn't thrown up in the bed before...gross. Let me know how the appt goes!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Ewe! I would have had the same reaction. Our golden retriever has never done this, but we've had other dogs who did.

Sarah M. said...

Praying for resolution to the medical stuff, and that your nighttime saga will NEVER again be repeated!!

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

oh my word I would freak! hope the apt goes well. will pray.

sara said...

my dog would be the "disappearing dog" if that happened. Maybe that is why our dog sleeps in her crate at night! yuck!

Ginger said...

Ughhh! Keep us posted!

Chatty Kelly said...

Yuck! Well, keep us posted on the appts, but not on the dog! ugh.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, I would not handle that well AT ALL. I wonder what the deal was, what made her do it?

Sara's comment made me laugh...disappearing dog - ha!

tiffany said...

I bet you Superdog is acting weird because she knows something's wrong with your hubby. Hope you're able to get everything figured out soon so that his sugar, and the doggy poop will be back to normal!

Sara@i.Sass said...

WHY? Why? Why? Why? WHy?
I can't SAY it enough.
Why do they POOP in the house?
Where they sleep or eat or get loved.
I thought dogs weren't suppose to poop where they sleep or eat...otherwise it would be, oh I don't know, DIRTIED!
Stupid pooping.
I'm going to add...having thought about which is worse Headless bunny or poop in my bed...BOTH!
Both are puke-worthy!

Lisa said...

THAT is nearly unbearable. I think if you can deal with that then you'll be ready for kids whenever that happens. Ewww!!

Rejoicing with you that your husband is not as bad off as he could be.