Monday, May 18, 2009

Moderation and organization

I've been pretty much running on caffeine for the last two weeks. May has been super busy, which really does make me happy. I like being busy. I don't like sitting with nothing to do.

But things are suffering -- such as my house, which hasn't been clean in the past two weeks. And my sleep, which I love. And my husband, who rarely gets good meals now. And the pup. I haven't scheduled a puppy play date for her or taken her running in ages, though she did get some much needed exercise this past weekend with Puddin'.

First, to organize the next two weeks:

This week
* I must get this five-page bio for the sports department sent out TODAY.
* I have to grade those final three papers today.
* Senior grades need to be posted tomorrow.
* I give a final tomorrow.
* At some point this week, I have to run to the nearest large town, 30 mins away, and return two items and pick up papers.
* Again, at some point this week, I either have to get my nails done or do them myself. Either way works for me (though I wouldn't mind getting pampered...).
* Friday night is the rehearsal dinner (two hours away) for my cousin's wedding. We're taking Superdog and staying with my parents, who live 30 mins away from the wedding location.
* Saturday is the wedding, the brunch (for the men and Superman), oh, and did I mention I have to cover our university's graduation, which is 1 hour and 30 mins away? Yep. So Saturday morning my dad and I are driving back here where I can cover graduation and then booking it BACK to the wedding location.

Next week
* Sunday the family who are still around are going to my mom's family's church in Arkansas.
* Monday is one of my best friend's birthday. Par-Tay!!
* Wednesday Superman is getting his wisdom teeth out. Poor thing!

...And then, we get ready for school at Super Duper University, four hours away (a once-a-week commute), which begins June 4.

(P.S. That's also the day my online class I'm teaching begins. FABULOUS.)

Now that I'm organized, I need to moderate. Moderate what, you ask? My coffee intake (Wailing and moaning commences). Superman is going to be my wonderful driver to SDU, but we'll still be getting back home at about 1 a.m. Friday. And, yes, I have to work Friday. Therefore, in order for that double shot espresso to work as intended, I need to cut back from being a four-cup-a-day-plus-one-diet-coke girl to a one-cup--a-day coffee girl.

I've done it for three days so far. It's not been pleasant.

I keep thinking that things are going to slow down, but they're not. The only way not to get overwhelmed is to organize. And I would like to publically commend Superman for cleaning our junk, whoops, I mean SPARE, bedroom. And I don't mean halfway cleaning. He SUPER cleaned it. After all, he is Superman. That really mdae me feel calmer, because if my house is clean, I just feel more organized.

And, no, I'm not OCD. I'm not amazingly organized by any means. I just fake it.


Mel ~ said...

I keep saying I am going to cut back on coffee. I drink - oh - almost a pot a day, I'd guess. My "cups" are huge mugs, so really only like...3 "cups". :) < /denial >

I think I will join you in this. I'm going to get some of the individual coffee packets and put away the coffee maker, that should help.

Good luck w/your busy-ness!

alihsee said...

Oh, I so know what you mean about the clean house - I am exactly the same. Everythings ok if the house is clean! :) You sound like you have a hectic week... hope it all goes well! Blessings!

misti said...

One cup a day? Make it two! Don't make me pull out all the "pro-coffee" research on you! Hehe...and call me if you want company going to the "nearest large town" - HA! I need to run by Target...

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

WHew, you wear me out!!!

I am headed to Ark soon too!!!! yeeeha!!!

Growin' with it! said...

oh come on...are you sure you don't want me to pass over a diet coke!? crazy times ahead. and yep...another season that will soon pass. hang on tight!

Brooke said...

yikes! i would have fallen over out of exhaustion by now!

lol @ your junk room - i've got one of those too. it supposed to be a "library" but its full of crap for a yard sale. that i'm too lazy to have.

Ginger said...

Sounds tooo busy for words.

Mel ~ said...

Oh yeah - "Uncluttered home = uncluttered mind." at least for me. Now...who wants to come unclutter my home for me?? ;)

septembermom said...

Whoa, you are busy! Cleaning the house helps me when I feel overwhelmed too. Good luck with everything. Hope you can fit "relaxation time" in there somewhere:)

Mari said...

Oh my - you make me tired just reading this! After this is done, you better sit back and put your feet up!

Falling Around said...

Honey, we ALL fake it. You just do what's necessary to get through these weeks without becoming homicidal. :-)
Busy, busy girl!

Chatty Kelly said...

Running on caffeine?? That's my theme song (with lots of milk & sugar!)

Hope you get your list items crossed off quickly & happily.

David said...

It was too hard to limit my coffee intake when I made it by the carafe. So now I have a Keurig coffee maker . K-cups are the only way to go! I limit myself to two kick booty cups of coffee per day. Quality, not quantity. :-)

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Wow that is CRAZY! I like busy but not that busy! I hope you are able not only to survive but enjoy everything along the way!

SoonerAggieMom said...

Oh my word, I'm worn out just reading this post!!

I'm making a list of chores that need to get done in the next two weeks and crossing them off with my big red sharpie! there's lots of satisfaction in that!