Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I swore I would never do it. Not just because I go against the flow on most occasions due to extreme stubbornness, but also due to laziness. And a dislike for sweating.

But I've been doing it recently. Even did it last night.

I ran.

I burned 200 calories in 28 minutes, according to the treadmill, which was my friend and enemy. Friend because it showed me my stats and enemy because I couldn't close my eyes and just run because I have little balance and grace, so I'd fall. But, then again, I guess I couldn't really close my eyes and run on a track, either. Might hit people.

I. Love. Running.

I do. It's so addicting, turns out. This month has been fairly stressful and does not look to let up at all, so running is a great escape, a great way to run (away? hmmm...) from stress and work and everything else.

It's also a great way to shed pounds for my cousin's upcoming wedding.

However, I don't think I'm doing it correctly. Granted, I'm the first person who'd say, "What?? You don't think you're RUNNING correctly? Is there a wrong way?" But here's the thing. I'm 25 years old and I have popping kneecaps on most days. In fact, walking down stairs is just a hoot for anyone around. As long as it's quiet, you can hear my left knee creak...creak. I'm a one-woman prop comic without the need for props.

And here's something else that was strange yesterday: my hip (Again, I'm 25) started feeling strange, like it was rubbing up against a piece of tendon/bone/have-no-idea that kind of hurt.

So...is my body just rebelling against the running, or is it possible that I'm doing it wrong? I know a lot of you are runners, so I'd appreciate the input. =)


septembermom said...

I wish I could give you some running advice. I never jumped into the whole running thing. I think it is so great that you are running. You'll burn calories in no time :) I stick with walking. I'm afraid that I would hurt something if I ran. Remember you're the young one compared to me :)

Brooke said...

it is addicting isn't it? i don't enjoy the act itself, just the post run high that i get. :)

and i suck at running technically so any advice i had to give you wouldn't want.

sara said...

sorry...don't run....my body rebelled a long time ago!

misti said...

Maybe some tendonitis? Ask Kim...this is her domain :)

Rena Gunther said...

OUCH....not a runner. BUT OUCH!!!

On another note...it's hard to believe you're 25! Not because you look older or anything like that...but because your maturity level seems higher than 25.

I don't want to discourage you from running, so I'd better just keep my mouth shut and not baby your OUCHES. :)

Thanks so much for posting my button! You shall receive a thousand brownie points and an extra entry.


OHHH, P.S. Don't know why I feel so compelled to share the word verification of the day, I mean comments...

ositive! That's right: ositive!

So stay ositive with your running or something....


Anonymous said...

I'm the wrong person to answer because I am trying to work out my own issues with it. So I look forward to the responses you get from others!

Falling Around said...

Sadly, I cannot offer any running advice. I'd say your body is adjusting and to keep it up.

I could NEVER run with my eyes closed... I can't even turn quickly without getting dizzy! But then, I'm slightly (who am I kidding?) older than 25.

Carol said...

Quick question: Are you warming up properly, doing stretches, wearing supportive shoes? The other thing is, me being a chiropractor and all, your hip might be out of alignment and the running is just jarring the joint even more. I'm not sure if you go to a chiropractor or are willing, but it is a great holistic approach to being healthy.

I have recently started running and I want to love it. It's such hard work that it's difficult for me to just get out there. I want to be addicted to it like you. :-)

Hope you start to feel better. BTW, chiropractors adjust knees, too, if they need it.

Michelle said...

good for you! I said I was going to try running. I tried it once. heehee
i did have to do it for boot camp....i hate running!

Anonymous said...

i'm lovin this post! seems how i started my own journey in running these past few months too!

here's what i can tell you: my knees, right hip, feet, and some other body parts all started aching when i started running. BUT it's getting a lot better! if you keep with it, those aches and pains will eventually go away. at least they did for me, somewhat. my knees still hurt a bit the day after, but nothing like when i started.

i also recommend going to a good shoe store (one that specializes in running shoes) and get yourself fitted for some good running shoes...if you want to invest in something like that. we have a place locally that fits feet just as one would get a bra fitted. i know, strange, but it works!!!

good luck! i can't wait to hear more. and keep running so you don't ache too much! keep up the good work!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I say listen to Carol. Get checked out. Cont. from there. Find what works for you. I do think posture is important though.

(I'm bloggy sad cuz you never posted my button... whey! Ha! J/J)

Have a great day.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

No, you're just getting old. But, wait, aren't you a lot younger than me? Anyway, my knee gives me issues all the time due to wear and tear and former injuries. I just take Ibuprofen and push through.

Good for you for sticking with it.

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

just here to read the comments today! I am just a novice runner!!!

CR said...

I know I'm sort of late at commenting, but know a few things about running :)

I'd first start my looking at your shoes. I've found that shoes can totally make or break aches/pains with running. If you're willing to invest a little it's worth getting a pair that works for you. Often running stores will fit you and actually tape your run so you can watch it. I have found a shoe that I love and end up buying a style that's a year or two old on ebay and save a bundle. I love Mizuno, but others rec' New Balance or even Brooks.

Hip aches/pains could be your IT Band...google that and IT band stretch and see if that helps.

As far as the knee popping, I'd have to actually watch ya run, you could be running heavy or honestly it's probably related to your hip issue, which could be tied back to shoes, support, etc. It's funny how if you change one thing it'll make everything better!

If you have any aches/pain stop running, trust me it's not worth in the long run..lol :)

Melinda said...

Just found your wonderful blog! Advice about running? If you have bad knees - don't! Elliptical is much easier on the joints, and as young as you are, the knees will probably just get worse if you keep running. Best to switch to something less stressful on your joints - AND they now say walking fast or elliptical burns more calories than running anyway. :)