Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's your answer Wednesday

I love What's Your Answer Wednesdays because they're like mini surveys, and we get to learn more about each other!

1. What is your occupation?
2. Did you go to college? If so, what did you major in?
3. What is your favorite recipe? And please share, lol!
4. Do you have pets, and, if you do, what are they and what are their names?

My answers
1. Journalism instructor/senior writing associate

2. Yes, journalism and English

3. Cream tacos – a great cold weather meal:
2 lbs ground beef
2 cans ranch style beans
1 can chili no beans
1 can rotel
1 lb velvetta
Small thing of whipping cream
Rice or Doritos to top

Brown the hamburger meat and drain. Add everything except the whipping cream. Mix together well until cheese is melted and all is heated thoroughly. Cut off burner. Add whipping cream and mix well. Serve in a bowl with rice or Doritos (my favorite).

4. A Chihuahua named Vicki (aka Superdog)

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Rach@In His Hands said...

1. Children's Librarian Reference Assistant
2. Yes! Elementary Education
3. Chicken Enchilada Bake - SO yum. I'll have to dig out the recipe :-)
4. My childhood dog still lives with my parents. His name is Ernie and he is a spit fire. Love him!!

Thanks for sharing your taco recipe - Mmmmmm!!

sara said...

1. my occupation is Domestic Engineer....aka mom.

2. My major was International Business with a minor in languages. I worked in my major until my husband took his first church and I was able to change careers to it!!

3. Favorite recipe...that is hard because I have soooo many...I LOVE to cook. Let's go with favorite/easy

French Dip

1 4lb rump roast
1 can campbells french onion soup
1 can campbells beef consume
1 can campbells beef broth

put all in crock pot and cook on low for 8+ hours. shredd

serve on hoagie bun with provolone cheese. Use juice for dipping.


4. 1 Australian Shepherd...Lily

Sherry said...

How fun! The recipe sounds yummy. I like anything remotely close to a taco :)

I am going to do this as a post at my blog today so my answers will be there.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

1. Church secretary, counseling center secretary, domestic engineer, chauffeur, chef, and order-filler for one increasingly bossy 3 year old. :)

2. Yes, finance. (Duh) :)

3. Crock pot roast. Easy and so dadgum good it makes you want to slap your momma.

One 3 lb chuck roast
1 can cream of celery soup (use the low-fat, low-sodium version and cut all the bad stuff; it tastes the exact same)
1 can cream of mushroom (ditto)
1 envelope lipton onion soup mix

Mix all the soups and pour over the roast. Cook on low 8-10 hours. Serve with rice. Use jasmine rice if you want the best flavor. AMAZING.

4. Yes, a miniature schnauzer named Charter. He lives with mom & dad now, since we can't have pets. :(

Rena said...

COOL, I haven't heard of this meme!
And the recipe sounds yummy!

Hey..I wanted to remind you, Ginger's blogoversary is almost here.

If you haven't yet, there's still time to stop by and grab her button and leave a comment on her blogoversary post for a giveaway!



Sara@i.Sass said...

1) Stay at Home mom. I was a office geek until I was put on bedrest in Oct. 2002. Before THAT job I was a nanny for 15 years.
2)Nope, I would have partied too much and wasted my own money! I do wish I'd gone NOW though. Maybe someday?
3)I'm trying to find the perfect guac recipe yet! I like a hotdish called oriental chicken.
Cream of chicken soup
marinated chicken breasts (cut up)
red wine
worshester sauce
I cook mine in a crock pot and serve over rice made with chicken broth NOT water.
The last 30 or so, while I'm making the rice I throw in pea pods.
You like spicey and this is FAR from spicey! It's Swedish bland, but on a cold winter day it feels SO good.
4)Dog Mini Schnauzer Piper. Cat Tabitha. Pipe is sassy and likes to let people know she's in charge and Tabby eats bunny heads...nough said.

septembermom said...

1. Occupation: harried mom
2. Loved college. Literature major.
3. Chicken teriyaki (easy, all about chicken chunks, carrots, green peppers and teriyaki sauce) There are a couple of more ingredients and steps. Sorry for the shorthand version:) Kids are calling!
4. No pets, but I would love a dog. My kids can be animals at times though!

Growin' with it! said...

hmm, what is "cut off burner"...just cuz i'm curious?
2. i have a degree in bible. (what i really was going for was my mrs. degree!) not sure the "degree" i got was beneficial for the workforce, but for the ministry...yepperdoo!
3. the latest is chicken/wild rice.
in the crockpot...delish!
4. henry, labradoodle...dale, beagle...3 cats, harold, ella & lucky.

Michelle said...

1. stay at home mommy

2. nope, wanted to take a year off and here we are 15ish years later! lol

3, I'll have to think on this one.

4. no pets, yet.

Brooke said...

1. Office Specialist aka goffer
2. English major
3. tex mex shells and cheese
1 box shells and cheese
1 lb ground beef
1 can rotel
4. nope, not much of an animal person!

Anonymous said...

Current Occupation: None. There is no clear definition for what I do each day.

College: Undergrad - English, Post Grad - Counseling


Forgot the 4th question. I guess that reveals my state of mind. Apparently it's something about a pet. Mine is a puppy named Oriana.

Fun Post!!! Mind if I borrow the idea?


misti said... know me...but uh, yeah.

1- Nutritionist/RD
2- Nutrition
3- GUMBO and it's on my blog somewherrrrre...also, my mom's coconut pie. Wowsa.
4- Chi and Chi/yorkie: Sophie and Sammi! And sort of Abby now, too...yikes.

Mari said...

1) Charge Nurse at a Long Term Care facility
2)Nursing school
3)One of my favorites is this Spaghetti Casserole, which you can make 2 pans of and freeze one. My family loves it! Here's the address to it on my recipe blog:
4) We have one spoiled rotten cat named Cleo, but have had 1 other car, a dog, a dwarf hamster and goldfish!

alihsee said...

Recipe sounds interesting indeed!

1. Office Secretary.
2. For a little while - studied Contemporary Voice at the Conservatorium of Music.
3. At this moment, it is Creamy Chicken Pesto - I will have to post it on my blog.
4. Yes, I have a cat called Scoot.


Livin' Louisiana! said...

YOU WON!! YOU WON THE JEZEBEL SAUCE!! Be sure & email me your name & address, so I can mail you your loot! Thanks for being a follower!

Anonymous said...



College/Major: Does not compute...

Favorite Recipe: Every thing my mother makes, she is a cook.

Petz: I am a fish person, I did have 1 Yellow African Chiclid, his name was Lamborghini. (Like the car) I also had a few puffer fish. Splash and Puff. (Splash was the baby) I also had alot of Tiger Barbs. Mean fish, but awesome fish. I had a very territorial Tiger Barb named Whisper. He tried to eat all the baby Tiger Barbs, until Splash and Puff ate him. It was sad. ): Right now I don't have any fish but I have a Golden Retriever named Ginko, and a Corgi named Merlyn.

Merry Christmas.