Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WYAW: Summer's a'comin'

It's an all new edition of What's Your Answer Wednesday!!! Glad you could come and visit, and let's get right into this summer-filled fun!

1. Do you and your family take annual summer vacations?

2. What was your favorite vacation growing up?

3. What is your dream vacation?

4. Did you ever have a bad vacation experience? If so, what was it?


My answers:

1. I think we have every year, but it hasn't actually been a "tradition." We've been to Hot Springs a couple of times, went to Boston last May, go to New Orleans often to see family, and this summer we're heading to Ohio to visit friends.

2. My favorite vacation...Boston. Even though it rained pretty much the entire time we were there, Superman and I had so much fun. It was just a great vacation to reconnect and spend quality time together without work and without distractions of day-to-day life.

3. Dream vaca: I have two. One, I want to go to Europe. I'm not picky about the country, but I want to go to Europe. Two, I want to go to Hawaii. Superman and I have both been -- but we haven't been together. I want to go to the North Shore, where Lost is filmed, and learn to surf. It's a goal. I'd rather do that than go to Europe. Yep.

4. I don't think I have...Well, we went to Branson last year with my parents for Christmas (Christmas 2007), and it was just frustrating. We had a good time, but my parents had to deal with crazy time-share stuff, and then we had to cut the vacation short because of bad weather. But other than that, I've loved my vacations! And now I want to go to the beach. (Superman, are you reading this? LOL.)

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sara said...

1. we do try to take on each summer even if it is short. this summer we are spending a weekend in Memphis with all the kids.

2. camping

3. a week on the beach...preferable in the caribbean!

4. can't think of one. we have had bad "parts" of a surviving 75 mile an hour winds in a camper, but overall vacations have been good. I think whenever the whole family is's good!!

septembermom said...

1. We are very overdue for a family vacation. My husband was out of work for two years, so we did alot of day trips.

2. A place called Davies Lake.
3. Europe, Europe, Europe!
4.I've been lucky in that department.

Anonymous said...

OK. I was totally going to do this as my WYAW since I'm on vacation and you STOLE ALL MY IDEAS!!! So for that I'm not answering your questions. :P

Sara@i.Sass said...

1)We went camping as a family when I was 2. It's like the biggest "riot" the losers talk about, like it happened every summer. NO. It was one trip and from the home movies I saw it was lame, plus did ANYONE watch the baby???? I sware I saw life ending situations for myself and NOBODY was watching me the baby! IDIOTS!
With Rob and I and the kids we try to have ONE overnight trip in the summer. Money is ALWAYS the issue. We were looking forward to spending time in the RV this summer that was suppose to be parked at a lake, but Rob's parents decided to go on some trips instead. We are still discussing A trip to Disney, but it won't be in August, it'll be more like Sept or Oct IF we go.
2) Umm, My dad took us to Disney world after the divorce. I loved it. I was 12, a bit old but loved it. When I got older I learned my Mom was planning to take us that summer and my dad "beat" her to it because a cousin was getting married and his sister gave him money to fly us all down, and it "happened" to be in Florida. Again what an idiot! (BBut as a 12 year old it was the ONLY trip I remember enjoying at the time.)
3)Dream vacation. Italy, Greece, Iceland and Hawaii. (All the island this time.)
4) I'd say surviving camping with my idiotic family seriously, if you saw the movies you'd call me a walking miricle!!! Oh, and the time I went to Myrtle Beach and got evicted from the hotel 3 days early because of hurricane Flloyd and we had to drvie to Atlanta and wait 2 days for our flight! NIGHTMARE.

Mari said...

1) We usually take a week for vacation. Sometimes we've done things around home, we've gone camping and we've taken a few bigger trips.
3) Ireland, Scotland...
4) I don't think there were any

Brooke said...

1. It was a tradition my family always had - one I'm hoping Mr. Right and I will continue

2. Niagra falls, my grandparents went with us then we went up to toronto

3. Mr. Right really wants to go out west to the Grand Tetons, he's just about sold me on the idea!

4. getting scortched in hawaii. we were miserable the entire time we were there

Falling Around said...

1. We try to take annual summer vacations, but summer is one of my hubby's busiest times at work so it doesn't always work out. We usually end up taking vacations in the fall. And we try to take the kids to Disney World every 2-3 years.

2. We didn't take family vacations growing up. Might have something to do with my parents divorcing when I was 13. Hmm...

3. I'm with you - Europe ALL the way is my dream vacation. I want to do and see it all.

4. Bad vacation experiences?? I'd say any that involve my in-laws. They're nice people but have zero patience for kids. One of the last times we saw them, my father-in-law cursed at my son and called him a rude name. My homicidal tendencies nearly got the better of me that day. Pray for me, we go visit them the end of this month... sigh.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea. Maybe visiting Fla. with family.
Traveling yes, vaca no.


Sara@i.Sass said...

I'm really ticked! I wrote you the BEST reply to your comment, hit send and it went to noreply@blogger. DOH! Whoever noreply is is laughing there butt off right now reading YOUR email.
And would you know it I can't remeber much of it and NO I won't redo it here where wondering eyes may read it. It was personal, for you. Anyhoo. Stupid noreply. OH MY GOSH!!! I just relized noreply is NO REPLY. WHAT!?!?!? No reply? Somebody needs to hit me back from that poetry!!! I mean seriously.
I'm an idiot. Born and bread from idiots. Shoot and here I thought I could fake it.

Susan D said...

We try to vacation each summer also. I'd l.o.v.e. to go to Europe. Actually, Egypt or the Middle East would be interesting (I love history) but it's too unsettled there. We're hoping to do some camping this summer. Blessings, SusanD

misti said...

1. Alan and I head to the beach every summer...same as what I did with my fam growing up :)

2. Beach trips/visiting family (same thing), and we used to go camping at Toledo Bend, and that was INTERESTING and somehow fun with 7 people, two cocker spaniels, a rat terrier, and my grandparents!

3. Italy and Paris...and other parts of Europe. Hawaii a close second.

4. I got second degree burns from some kind of chemical reaction between the sun and a lotion I was painful. And hideous. Haha