Monday, May 4, 2009

My fight with facebook and the stapler

This is sadly how I spent most of my Friday...

8:30 – Discover facebook is no longer the cool toy it once was. I can’t find out which friends recently updated or any status updates. How am I going to be able to stalk everyone now??

8:40 – Send facebook a feedback message, probably the first I’ve ever done. “I can’t find where to check for updates on people! Why did you change facebook??”

9:30 – Grading papers, and my stupid stapler broke. Head to facebook to write as my status, “Fighting with the stapler…and it’s winning” and find out I can’t do that because I don’t know HOW to do it again.

9:38 – Send facebook a second feedback message. “I can’t even figure out how to change my status!!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS??? I have easily dealt with EVERY CHANGE you guys have done EXCEPT for this one!!!!”

10:15 – Threw away stapler. Gotta do a press release now.

10:35 – Going to purchase new stapler.

10:37 – Make sure the university is buying the stapler. You know, budget cuts and all.

10:46 – Buy (with university’s low funds) the exact same stapler as the one I put in the trash. Wonder about the sanity of the person who buys the same stapler (though in a different color) as the one she just lost a fight with.

11:03 – Had to get back on facebook for work (seriously)…Everybody else can do status updates, it looks like. What the heck is wrong with me?

11:16 – Venturing again to facebook to see if I can figure this stuff out.

11:18 – Come to the conclusion that if you want to facebook stalk people (which probably isn’t cool, but I like seeing who gets engaged, if people uploaded new pics, etc…) you have to be on facebook ALL the time. Which also isn’t cool.

11:19 – Decide to contact facebook directly. Also considering switching back to myspace. Also just realized that when you click on the question “How do I contact facebook directly” it leads you to other people who are having the same problems. Now, that’s stupid.

11:24 – Sent the following note to facebook: “Okay, this is starting to get ridiculous. I understand that you probably have millions of people who want to e-mail you directly, but you're a big company. You need better customer support here. I clicked on "How do I contact facebook," and it took me to a page with other people having the same problems. Blind leading the blind, you know? Look, the bottom line is that I can't stay on facebook all day because I have work and a "real" life, but I do like finding out who got engaged and seeing when new pics are uploaded and stuff like that. But I can't tell when people do that now, and I don't even know how to update my status. So can you please, please, please have some site where I can see status updates and recent updates like the old one? I understand you want to update the site, but for Pete's sake, please have the info easily accessible.”

11:41 – New pearl blue stapler works like a charm.

12:44 – Tried to beat the facebook system. Died like road kill.

12:45 – Suddenly shocked that I’ve spent so much time concerned about facebook.

4:45 – One of my students come in to visit, and I complain to her about facebook. She shows me very simply the dumb mistakes I was making. I feel very, very old.

Hopefully today will be more productive. ;)


septembermom said...

I'm not one of the facebook millions yet! You had a lot of frustration with all of those issues. Glad someone came by to help you out. You are so far from old :)

Rach@In His Hands said...

I flip out every time Facebook changes something....which lately seems like it's every.single.week. What's with that?! I feel your pain.

Brooke said...

i'm starting to hate facebook stupid exboyfriend keeps sending me friends requests even though i'm trying to ignore him.

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

I am soooo hating the new facebook too! spending less and less time there!I can't find info on the friends that I WANT to know about, my home page is full of friends I hardly know and stuff. dumb facebook. too lazy to try and contact them. figure there must be a million others that hate it too! can't they tell!?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Haven't done Facebook yet. Want to do a family page... we'll see!


Carol said...

How hysterical is this post about Facebook?! :-) I have had the same issues and I am not happy about it. It used to be so easy to see what people were up to. Another beef I have with it is how people (good friends actually) will write me a quick line in place of a long e-mail. I don't prefer that so much. How about you?

Glad you have a new, shiny, working stapler.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps ye should have changed yorn language from pirate back to landlubber! Arrr.

Just kidding, glad you got it figured out! :)

Mari said...

I've been frustrated with Facebook today because someone hacked into it. What a pain!
I don't like the new changes on Facebook either!

Falling Around said...

Let me just start by saying... I loathe Facebook. No particular reason, just cannot stand it. Yes, I have an account, but I NEVER use it.

I hate those days where it seems like you would've been more productive just staying in bed. LOL! Sounds like you had quite "the day" on Friday.

Michelle said...

heehee! love the title of this post ;)

it seems like fb makes changes all.the.time. drives me crazy!!

MInTheGap said...

Or you just be like me and avoid facebook. Sooner or later I will cave, but I didn't eat at a Taco Bell until well into my upper 20s so there is hope that I can hold out.

Sarah M. said...

I gag at the time the internet consumes!!

misti said...

Can't believe you let FB whoop you like that...

sara said...

LOL!!! And I too am frustrated with the new changes to Facebook....why can't they leave good enough alone?!

Rena Gunther said...

Technical mishaps make me CRAZY!
ARRRGHHHH...I won't even get started on all of those images I deleted from my blog...

My daughter opened up a MySpace for me. The other day she said, "Mom, you know, you could post something on your MySpace."

I didn't ask for it. My oldest two were forbidden forever from having a MySpace until this year. She opened mine to communciate with her on hers.

It's just too much. A blog, Twitter... What do we still have our land line for?

Colleen said...

omg that is just too funny. such an interesting way to spent an evening!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I know it's frustrating - but I am so laughing right now. :)

I can't believe how often face book changes stuff. I'm in the minority that still likes it. :)

Yay for new staplers. I mean that, it can really make a difference to have a new one. When staplers don't work I am tempted to use words that I wouldn't be proud of.

Sherry said...

That's hilarious!

I barely have time to blog! I can't imagine doing facebook, myspace and/or twittering!