Thursday, October 1, 2009

No mas

I'm putting my foot down and taking a break from work. Yeah, that's right.

I could tell you all the unnecessary (I feel) junk I'm dealing with, but then I feel like I'd just be working all over again. So I'm not going to do that. I'm going to write and post this blog, and then I am going to read other blogs. It's called a necessary break to rid me of the headache. So there.

I've figured out what Superdog is going to be for Halloween. I had an idea, but it was a little...let's go with unorthodox, so I decided to go for a so-called better costume idea. She's going to be a runner!!

See, here's the deal. Rindy and I are running another 5k this Saturday, and in this one, you can bring your dogs. Well, let's be honest. Superdog would HATE MY GUTS if I made that 6-lb Chihuahua run a 5k. My dad and Puddin' are doing it, but Puddin' is 27-lbs and is used to walking about 3 miles a day. BUT Superdog will be at the 5k cheering me on, and since she is, I registered her as well so she can get a shirt. That's right. Human runners get shirts, and the dogs do, too. So for Halloween, we're dressing her up in the shirt and getting some of those thick ponytail holders to use for leg warmers.

I know. She's going to hate my guts anyway. HAHAHAHA!!!

For your viewing pleasure, the following has been Superdog's Halloween costumes in the past:

A lady bug (last year)

Herself, hehe (2007)

Also, some really cool news on Superman's front. A friend of ours, Grant Terry, opened for Eric Church's concert last week (Church is a country singer, but as I rarely listen to country, I don't really know who he is). Anyway, Grant is singing at an art studio this Saturday, and he asked Superman to play the piano for him!! I'm so excited! I've embedded the pic, but who knows what's up with my blog stuff and why it's not working right, so the URL to listen to Grant's music, in case it doesn't show up, is:

I hope each of you have a beautiful, blessed day!


Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

My youtubes cut off too. Kind of a pain. I need to figure out why.

Congrats to Superman!!!

And that pic of Superdog flying off the couch is HILARIOUS!

Aleta said...

That picture of Superdog flying- now that's a cool shot! Loved the post, had me smiling from the beginning!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

that superman costume photo is PRICELESS!!!!

thedomesticfringe said...

Your dog looked hysterical! I dressed up my dog last year and my husband thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but I thought she looked cute. She was only a puppy then. I don't think she'd stand for me dressing her up this year. The running costume sounds awesome.

Hope you have a great run this Sat!!! Enjoy your little break from work.


StephieAnne said...

Way to go for doing another 5K! And, sounds like a great choice to take a break from work. And, way to go Superman!

Kelly Combs said...

My dog would go bonkers if I dressed him up. You are so funny.

Lisa said...

Yes, the dog flying off the chair is way too funny! TOO funny!

And, AMEN to the power of prayer and the privilege that is ours.

You GO on your 5K time. Sounds like you are on track with your training.

~KS said...

Those costumes are sooooooo cute!!!!