Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WYAW: Fall time

Oh, Wednesday.

I’m taking a page from Linda’s What’s Your Answer Wednesday questions and focusing on that most fabulous time of the year, fall.

1. What’s your favorite fall/winter comfort food?

2. Which is better – apple cider or hot chocolate?

3. Have you ever played pranks on trick or treaters?

4. Are you dressing up for Halloween?

~My answers ~

1. There are so many…chicken pot pie, gumbo, chili, pot roast, potato soup…and my stomach growls again…

2. I usually stick with hot chocolate (my favorite being Starbucks’ salted caramel hot chocolate; trust me, it’s heavenly), but when my throat’s sore, I love some hot apple cider.

3. Yes. It’s my favorite thing to do. My best prank was when I was in high school and I hid on my parents’ roof dressed all in black, including black gloves and a black ski mask (I’m hardcore, seriously). When trick or treaters would come to the door, I’d lean over and drop down this “ghost” (a sheet over a balloon and tied to a fishing pole) behind them as they were getting their treats so that when they turned around, the ghost was right there. Ah, the joys of the fall season.

4. If there’s a party. Superdog’s definitely dressing up. Going to enter her in a pet costume contest, too. See, I can do this with my dog. I’m going to try to hold back with the kids. Key word there being “try.”

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Brooke said...

1. white chicken chili

2. hot chocolate with marshmellows!

3. nope, i've never lived where there were trigger treaters until this year

4. yep going to a party

Mari said...

1) Wild Rice Chicken soup
2) Hot chocolate
3) No - we get very few trick or treaters
4) No, but sometimes we make the cat wear something!

Lucy Marie said...

Oh I love it. We'd have a blast scaring little kids together on halloween!!

1. Chili, chicken pot pie, stew

2. Apple cider

3. No I never have ... but now that I read this, I think I'd like to start. Although we don't get trick or treaters here.

4. Nope. Well, maybe. I will be at my sister in laws visiting her and her new baby so I might be taking my nieces trick or treating. Therefore, I might dress up. See if I can get myself some candy.

Jill said...

I love homemade Cream of Broccoli soup in the fall and winter, but I also make a great potato soup.

I like apple cider in the fall and hot chocolate in the winter.

I don't play tricks on the trick or treaters.

I'm not dressing up for Halloween, but we are having a Fall Festival at our church. Western theme, so I guess I'll be wearing a cowboy hat.

misti said...


2. Tie between salted caramel hot chocolate and caramel apple spice! Can't pick!

3. Not yet but now you've got me tempted...

4. If I have a good party to go to, heck yeah!

Anonymous said...

1. Mmmm, chili. And warm apple pie with a gigantic scoop of ice cream.

2. This is going to sound crazy coming from a chocoholic, but I have to go with apple cider. I drank a cup of it last night.

3. No, I was never mean to the trick or treaters. :)

4. Nah, and I haven't for several years. Kinda wish I had something to go to that would require me to dress up. :)

~KS said...

Can you even believe it... I have NEVER had hot chocolate. But for a good reason- I'm allergic to chocolate. But I do looooove apple cider. And my favorite fall food is chili- I could eat it by the gallon!!

sara said...

1. chili, chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes, pumpkin bread

2. Apple cider for sure...a hot tottie is not bad either!

3. yes, any time I get the opportunity...scaring my kids even better!

4. nope, did my time!! Now I sit by our fire pit (sweating now that we live in AR) and help the kids make s'mores!!!

Sara said...

1) Beef Stew and Chili
2) Hot Chocolate
3) I had some hard core neighbors that made me pee my pants, so NO no I don't trick em
4)Yes, I will put on my funky glasses, glowy ghosts necklace and witch hat. I do it for the kids. I wanted the family to go as the Scooby Doo gang but Nick didn't want to be scooby two years in a row. And I won't bring up the COST of that costume either...lets just say that it would take three halloweens to make it worth the cost!

Aleta said...

Loved the answer # 3. I'll have to tell Greg that. He's all into the idea of a good scare! Lol.

naomi carmen* said...

since you are a follower of my blog i wanted to let you know that i changed the address to come visit sometime. naomi

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

I saw your comment on another blog and I just had to come and see who Lois Lane II was! I love your music too!

Lee Ann