Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WYAW: Smile, in bullet points 26th was fabulous, thank you. No pictures, unfortunately. I feel awkward most of the time taking pictures at a restaurant, especially when it's a chain like Olive Garden. But Olive Garden wasn't the only reason why my b-day can be classified as "super-amazingly-awesome"...

* I got to go home and visit with my parents this weekend.
* We had a fantastic birthday celebration at Olive Garden.
* I ended up with three and a half birthday cakes. Yes, that number is correct.
* I won't have to buy coffee for three weeks (if I work it right) thanks to the McCormicks and Sara (courtesy of a giveaway, which also came with the softest socks in the world and an awesome book).
* I learned how well my hubby knows me. He got me a shirt with a Twitter bird that reads "Nobody Cares" (among other things). He knows me well. ;)
* I got to see Rachel and her hubby and sweet daughter this weekend!!! =D

My hubby was actually the first person to wish me happy birthday. =) We stayed up late the night before visiting with Rachel, and, once we were home, decided to stay up until midnight.

Overall, it was a great weekend, as predicted, lol.

OH!!! AND just to round it off, I have some smiles for class, too!!

* I made a higher grade on my midterm than originally thought. WHEW.
* My final for that class is a TAKE HOME final, which we have two weeks to work on. Double WHEW.
* Since I won't have to go to that class on the last day, my other professor agreed to let me take my final for her class early. Oh, what was that? It's ANOTHER TAKE HOME FINAL.
* I only have four weeks left in this semester. You have no idea how ridiculously excited I am.

Soooo...we're pulling this into a What's Your Answer Wednesday edition, too!!! Haha! You answer -- I think I pretty much have. ;)

1. What was the hardest class (high school or college) that you had to take?
2. What do you think about take home finals? Blessings or a curse?
3. What was the best birthday you had?
4. How did you spend your last birthday (or, if your birthday is coming up, how are you planning on spending it)?


SusanD said...

1. What was the hardest class (high school or college) that you had to take? A stats class.

2. What do you think about take home finals? Blessings or a curse? Curse! They're usually harder, take longer to complete, and I agonize over my responses.

3. What was the best birthday you had? I must not have memorable good birthdays; all I can think of are memorable worst birthdays.

4. How did you spend your last birthday (or, if your birthday is coming up, how are you planning on spending it)? My next birthday, in May, I'll be graduating! woohoo!

Blessings, SusanD

Kayla said...

I'm so jealous! I still have 5-6 weeks left! (Yes, I realize that's only 1-2 more weeks, but its more!)

I'll have to do your WYAW in a post later today. Thanks! :-)

Jill said...

Happy birthday! So glad you had a great weekend. What could be better than 3-1/2 cakes!

Sara said...

SOunds like you had an awesome birthday! Oh, I want to know where Superman got that shirt cause I want one TOO! I'm going to wear it on thanksgiving to my inlaws house!!!! HA!
Hardest HS class, I never took hard classes, I totally coasted. I'd say Algebra, it took me four semsters to pass it. I don't understand the ADDING letters thing! It is SO stupid!!! Or is it Stu+pid= Stupid?!
Never went to college so no home finals. although I did have to make a Master Tape for broadcasting and much of that was done on my own time...does that count?
I hate surprises, hubby threw me a surprise party it didn't go well. We were two hours late and I cried the rest of the night because I felt bad that people waited two hours!!! It was AWFUL. All the rest were normal, sort special days. My family kinda sucked so...ANYhoo, I love that my kids wish me HAPPY Birthday and try to make it special, that is really sweet.
Last birthday...hmmm, OH Rob got me tickets to The Color Purple and knowing I HATE surprises but wanting TO surprise me, he ordered the tickets, we got them in the mail about two weeks before the show and Butter came in with the mail and said "Mommy you go some mail!" I thought great what bill...
I looked at the envolope and saw TICKETMASTER...I opened it and nearly fell OVER! I didn't even look at the dates I hollered out the door at Rob "You got me TICKETS!!!!" He grinned "Happy birthday!" So it was a surprise but not. He said I wanted to just TAKE you, but I thought you'd get mad.
Yep HE knows me too!!!!

septembermom said...

Glad that you had a great birthday! Love Olive Garden.

Here are my answers:

1. A geology college class. The professor graded mercilessly.
2. A curse. I think it's better to work out your answers on the spot in the classroom.
3.I went to see Oklahoma on Broadway. I love to see a show anytime!
4. Laundry, refereeing, laundry, cleaning up, cake, cleaning up, folding laundry :)

misti said...

1. Biochemistry, microbiology, and organic chemistry...a threeway, evil tie

2. Blessing because you can do it at a coffee shop instead of sitting in class (i'll be doing mine at Frothy in two weeks!)

3. Probably the one where Peyton was born =)

4. Can't remember, it's really been a long time since anyone did anything for my bday (comes with age right??). My bday usually falls on finals day...frick! I really just like to get together with my fam and eat bday gumbo.

~KS said...

I am so jealous to went to Olive Garden... that is my all time favorite place to eat out. And 3 cakes?!?!? What a lucky girl!!

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

happy belated sweet thing.

i love the unlimited salad and breadsticks!

Anonymous said...

Glad your birthday was a success.

sara said...

sounds like a GREAT birthday!!!

1. hardest class in college....Econ

2. Loved them because though they sometimes were harder I wasn't crunched by time.

3. Best birthday was my 40th. My husband put me on a plane (i didn't know where I was going till I got on the plane). I had no idea who was picking me up on the other end. When I walked off, 5 of my best friends were there ready to whisk me off for a girls weekend!!!

4. My birthday is this Monday. I have made the request to go to my favorite restaurant for catfish (yum!) but we will see!!! As you get older, the birthdays get quieter!

Lucy Marie said...

1. What was the hardest class (high school or college) that you had to take? In my first year of grad school I had to take a mixed methods research class and I nearly died.

2. What do you think about take home finals? Blessings or a curse?
Blessing - my program has them a lot and they are so much less stressful and more effective, I think.

3. What was the best birthday you had? 17th. I went to boarding school and on my 17th birthday I got to have a big group of my friends come home and spend the weekend at my house. Fun.

4. How did you spend your last birthday (or, if your birthday is coming up, how are you planning on spending it)? I celebrated my 23rd birthday in September. A weekend at the lake.

Brooke said...

glad you had a great one!!! :)

1. Spanish. They placed me in intermediate even though i wasn't qualified.

2. Blessing definitely. I <3 essay exams

3. wow...i don't have the brain power to think about that one hard enough.

4. with jay - is it awful that i can't remember what we did?

Growin' with it! said...

26?'re a youngster! see, you can stay up til midnight still! ☺

1. i had some pretty tough bible classes in college. made me feel like i never listened in sunday school!

2. Never had the delightful pleasure.

3. My 16 & 1/2 surprise bday party.

4. I'd have to say this last bday was a very good one. usually i just want it over with!

Anonymous said...

1. Probably the stupid management classes that I had zero interest in and therefore put zero effort into. Let's not talk about what my grade was.

2. Love them, even though they are always harder. It gives you more time to work through them.

3. Probably last year. Jeremy Camp concert. :)

4. See 3.