Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I guess it's official. Well, technically it's been official for about 20 days, but...we're selling our house. Or at least trying to sell our house. Selling would mean that we're in the process of signing a contract with someone else. Trying to sell is where we are now.

The house looks amazing. And I'm not trying to sell it to y'all (but if you're interested in an amazingly-priced, awesome house in north Louisiana, hit me up), but it looks gorgeous. Kyle and I, along with some generous, kind friends and family members have been working to make sure the house is in tip-top shape for its open house this coming Sunday. It's received a semi-professional paint job, had new door frames put on, has been steam-cleaned, polished, and emptied. I'm going to admit, the house has never been prettier.

It's been quite a headache trying to sell. I'm very impatient (who knew, right? lol), and I've had to rely on God for this because, as Kyle and I are both struggling with, we cannot control this. God knows whether or not we will sell and when that happy day will come. I've been talking with Him about this a lot, and I've had to realize two facts: 1. God knows I want to sell our house. 2. God knows if that's the right thing or not. And while I could sit here and say, "I know it's the right thing," I don't know. I'm clueless. =) But thank goodness Someone does know and Someone is looking out for me.

At any rate, please pray for us as we go through this process during the heat and humidity of a Louisiana summer. Pray that we listen to God and follow His will. I would like His will to be selling the house, but pray that we are wise and good listeners in this situation.

And today...we paint trim! ;)


Mari said...

It's hard work - keeping it clean all the time and always being ready for someone to go through it. I'll be praying!

Brooke said...

you know i don't deal well when my life is out of control - so i'll definitely say an extra prayer for yall!

misti said...

Praying! But it hasn't been too long yet - don't stress :) And if you can't help but stress (like me), then we can call an SA meeting to order...I mean, I'll call it right now sister!

sara said...

selling a house is never fun, so I will be praying for you. If you emptied it...where are you staying? Did you find another house?

lindsey said...

Praying for you! We were just there, and it was so hard for me to be patient. I kept seeing houses on the market where we were going to move that I loved, and I just kept wondering, "why?", but you are right: God has His wonderful plan! It did take a good bit longer than we were hoping, but I CANNOT tell you how perfect the timing was. The interest rates were at an all time low, the house we eventually found had JUST come on the market the day we needed to make a decision, and the neighbors we have are PERFECT for our family. It just could not have turned out better, so in the end, I am SO glad that His plan turned out and not mine. Just a little encouragement! It will be just what you need, just when you need it!