Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hide and seek, adult-style

The girls on our Tennessee trip are incredible hiders. So incredible, as a matter of fact, that on the last night, we finally had to come out and let the boys know where we were.
The ritual of hide and seek begins with pool. The boys would go down to the bottom level to play pool around 11 p.m., and we, being tired, would stay awake by playing an impromptu game of hide-and-seek. 

For example, on Night 1, we made our plan and headed to the second level’s laundry room, where we could hear the boys playing. When they finished their game and headed to the top floor, where they wrongly assumed we were, we bolted downstairs to Rindy and Dustin’s bedroom. Rindy led us into a storage closet, turned off the lights, and we waited.

We didn’t wait for long. Dustin, turns out, is an excellent seeker, and he and Kyle found us quickly. However, Sean, who had split up and taken the top level, wasn’t so lucky. Dustin turned out all the lights on the bottom floor as the five of us hid in the storage facility.

Lesson learned (to make this shorter): Don’t turn all the lights off in the basement when the guy who is trying to find you was locked in the basement with the lights off as a joke by his older brother when they were kids. He will not go down in a darkened basement when he knows there are five individuals hiding there.

The last night, however, was epic. Our floor had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The three girls hid on side of the closets in the second bedroom, squeezing up tightly on that one side. The boys came searching, opening the partly opened door of the closet…and, again, wrongly assumed we were not in the closet, as they couldn’t see us on that side.

Favorite quotes from that evening:

“They’ve got to be on the move.” Nope.

“I heard them downstairs!” Nope.

“They must be outside.” Nope.

“I checked that bedroom. It’s clear.” Tee hee…nope!

“They’re really good at this.” Why, yes, we are.

They turned off the lights on the second floor, thinking we were not there and we wouldn’t run around in the dark (because they thought we were moving from location to location). Dustin would jerk open every door and do his “raptor cry” in anticipation of scaring us…and failing. He and Kyle took the bottom floor with a walkie-talkie, and Sean took the top deck…leaving us alone on the middle floor.

They all three finally came back in the bedroom we were in (not looking for us, because they had “checked” the closet twice by this point), and that’s when we finally came out to some very shocked expressions. They were quite surprised that we had stayed in one location the entire time.

Seriously. How many 30-something and late-20-something-year-olds do you know who wouldn’t play hide and seek in a three-story cabin?


Brooke said...

how fun! :) you should try sardines next time :P

misti said...

"They've got to be on the move."

Hahaha! Why is that funny to me?

I'm delirious with hunger...about to go eat Super One.

Mari said...

What a hoot! Glad you know how to have fun!

sara said...

I love it!!! Sardines is my favorite game. Our first church we ministered in was older and the bldg was big and dark!!! For women's ministries, we would have sleep overs at the church and play sardines in this big dark church...very creepy but oh so fun!!!