Friday, July 8, 2011

The Civil Wars

(We interrupt your normally scheduled blog relating to Tennessee adventures due to more recent adventures and due to the lack of my ability to go to Walgreens and get the underwater camera film developed.)

So my Thursday night technically started on a Wednesday...

Kyle called me up at work Wednesday morning and said, "Hey, so my work is giving us tickets to see The Civil Wars in Jackson tomorrow night. But I know it's a work night, so do you want to --?"


The Civil Wars is my current Ob.Session. And, yes, that's two words to demonstrate how obsessed I am with them. I grew up listening to Joy Williams and had her CDs (you remember CDs right?) and even saw her in concert in high school. Her voice is magical. And so is her fellow song member of the Civil Wars, John Paul White, who is a double for Sirius Black.

John Paul White
Sirius Black


So last night we headed with a friend to go see The Civil Wars. The venue was (no joke) a Mexican restaurant by day and music venue by night. Quite interesting. They had folding chairs set up all over the floor (which I was very happy for) and the music was loud but not so loud that you couldn't talk to people around you (music so loud that I can't talk to anyone is usually why I'm a bit anti-concert. 10 more points for Gryffindor...oh, wait...)

 Here's a video of them performing part of one of my favorites of theirs, "Barton Hollow."

And, the last song their played, which, every time I hear it, basically takes my breath away. So sad, but such an AMAZING song:

Sigh. Heart. Heart. Heart.

And more fun pics!!!

Who's excited about seeing The Civil Wars???

Beautiful hair, beautiful face, beautiful voice. Le sigh.
And, yes, I'm still on Cloud 9. Why do you ask? ;)


Brooke said...

i have absolutely never heard of them before. i know - what rock did i crawl out of. then again they were playing at a mexican restaurant... :P

Lisa said...

I've tried to get into them because I know someone else who is crazy about them, just not my style. BUT, I agree, that song does kinda take your breath away.

Love fun surprises like that!

misti said...

I think someone needs to make me a CD? And their name rhymes with Rudith.

Sommer said...

i was listening to barton hollow when i read this. bwahaha. going to see them tonight!!

Sommer said...
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Sommer said...

posted the same comment twice. dang.

Mari said...

I've never heard of them, but that second song is just beautiful! I wonder how they came up with that name.

Nikki said...

We think he looks like Captain Jack Sparrow :) Jacob and I saw them the night before you did! We are also obsessed with them! (well. mainly just me!)