Thursday, January 8, 2009


I don't usually post lyrics, but after a slightly hilarious event yesterday and after reading some of your blogs about your own crazies, I wanted to dedicate this blog post (and, hey, why not, the lyrics, too) to -- drumroll, please -- The Crazy People of this World.

Ta da!


(lyrics by Jonathon Coulton)

Is Bitter there? I'd rather talk to her than Disappointed
Though she's not quite as fun as Good'n'Mad
You'd better put her on
She can change the game
She can make me say I'm sorry

You throw your hands up in the air and swear you didn't know
You think the world revolves around you but it doesn't so
You sit and spin
Baby someone is crazy and it's you
Someone is crazy and it's you
Someone is crazy and it's you

You set the trap
You lie in wait 'til someone trips the wire
Then you jump out to get your feelings hurt
And you act surprised
How did that get there?
Why does everybody hate me?

We're all familiar with the tragedy of being you
It's hard to show you any sympathy when all you do
Is beg for pain
Baby someone is crazy and it's you
Someone is crazy and it's you
Someone is crazy and it's you

You're all alone
Well maybe that's because you're so unpleasant
You might consider dialing back a bit
Put those claws away
Stop the waterworks
Spend a couple evenings sober

The world's against you so you think or maybe wish it was
And at least that way someone would care but baby no one does
Not even you
Baby someone is crazy and it's you
Someone is crazy and it's you
Someone is crazy and it's you.

And feel free, if you dare (LOL), to share an experience with your own personal Crazy. ;)


Sara@Interpret Sass said...

This is what put me in therapy, me thinking people thought I was crazy. You know some people can look at you and your head says
"Oh NO! don't you look at me like I'm crazy! I A.M. N.O.T. C.R.A.Z.Y."
uh huh u huh...then you start acting what? crazy...
Well, if I am crazy, God loves me for it because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
HA. Crazy, I just used your blog title...maybe I'm not so crazy afterall.
If you understood any of this you rock!

Lois Lane II said...

Haha, I DO! And, don't worry, I don't think anyone (who's NORMAL) thinks you're crazy. But I DO know some serious crazies, lol!

misti said...

Oh I just love you dearly for this (and plenty other reasons)! LOL

Mari said...

Good one! I'm crazy too!

Brooke said...

the lady at the sams club check out thought my whole family was ca-razy.

long family drama by my cousins and their spouses don't get along, to the point where my cousin said to her SIL "get back on your meds you crazy *****" fast forward to sams and my dad is standing a little too close to the cashier and i ask him to stop, because he was making me nervous and i told him as much.

so he looked at me and repeated "get back on your meds you crazy *****" the cashier got this look of horror on her face, wishing she had a panic button like a teller @ a bank. when i just started laughing she was even more confused!

Lois Lane II said...

Brooke -- that is too hilarious! I bet that cashier's look was PRICELESS!