Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I learned how to spell ‘inauguration’ today…

I witnessed President Obama's swearing in ceremony today. I had not really thought about watching it, to tell the truth. I’ve got papers from last week that still need to be graded (seriously, who’s surprised?), but, as everyone around me was watching, I decided to pull up a live stream from msn.com (as CNN and Fox wouldn’t work – thanks a lot!) and see history in the making.

As a journalist, I was enthusiastic to watch my first (sadly, yes) presidential inauguration. Like at a football game, I get caught up in the moment and the excitement of the people around me. I was a little nervous about Obama’s well-being, too, even though USA Today reported that he has a 70 percent approval rating going into office. But, as we all know, you only need one crazy to stir up some real trouble.

To document this historic occasion, I sat in my office, drinking Harry and David’s Moose Munch coffee and wearing my Ann Taylor pants and shirt and a sweater I purchased from Nordstrom’s – actually, I bought it all (minus the black boots) while in Chicago. I know y’all were all eager to know that. ;)

And here is my almost minute-by-minute account of the inauguration (which, after today, I can now spell).

10:51 – Need to go to the bathroom, but I want to hear Rick Warren’s prayer. I’ll go after that. I’m so glad he’s praying before the swearing in. *Quick prayer for Obama’s safety.*

10:56 – Now Aretha Franklin is singing, and I love her!! Wow, what a voice. Didn’t she and Beyonce have some falling out a few months ago?

11:00 – MUST go to bathroom. Some flute players and whatnot. I’ll go now.

11:03 – Video stream went out while I went to the bathroom. Grrr….

11:04 – They say that Obama’s been prez. for 4 mins now. So…why is he not on stage and the music players are?

11:07 – Stupid video stream went out. AGAIN.

11:08 – Obama’s sworn in. He seems very eager – forgot what to say once, but no biggie. I forgot what to say during my wedding vows.

11:09 – One of the students across the hall (I know which one, haha) just let out a victory cry.

11:10 – “The challenges we face are real…and the threats will be met. We have chosen hope over fear.” He sounds hard core.

11:11 – “As Scripture says, ‘the time has come to set aside childish things.’” Okay…

11:12 – He’s a good motivational speaker. Guess you have to be to become president, though…

11:13 – (referring to economy) “We must begin the work of remaking America…There is work to be done.” No joke.

11:14 – Oh, snap. Now he’s talking about harnessing technology and science. “All this we will do.” You know, I’m all about inventions and using technology and whatnot, but this makes me fearful of stem cell research and cloning and such.

11:16 – Ha! One of his daughters is taking a picture of her dad speaking. Cute.

11:17 – “…safety and ideals”…What? Okay, good, not giving ideals up. I need to pay better attention. “America is a friend of each nation.” Uh….really? I’m not a friend of Iraq. Just a thought. (Though, he did say something about America being a friend of each nation who wants peace, but I didn’t catch all of that.)

11:18 – “Our power alone cannot protect us nor does not entitle us to do as we please…We are the keepers of this legacy, guided by these principles and will meet these threats.” Discusses that we will leave Iraq and work tirelessly to lessen nuclear threat and global warming.

11:19 – (regarding terror) “Our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken we will outlast you and we will defeat you” …“nation of Christians and Muslims and Hindus and nonreligious…we have emerged more united.”

11:20 – “Our common humanity will reveal itself.” “To Muslims: we seek a new way forward; to leaders around world who seek conflict: know your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.” How long is he going to speak?

11:21 – taking about nourishing starved bodies – I’m down with that. “We cannot afford indifference for those outside our borders.” True dat, but we also need to concentrate on the problems in our borders.

11:22 – “As much as government can do and must do, it is the faith and determination of American people that this nation relies on.” Talks about economy, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, parents being responsible

11:23 – “honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism – these things are old. These things are true…quiet forces of progress. What is required is a return to these truths…We have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world.” He’s going to be in for a rude awakening. I’m not tolerant. Dang.

11:24 – “Every nation and every faith can join together (in inauguration)”…Are we done? Almost…He’s winding down. I can tell.

11:25 – He said “hope” again. I should’ve taken a count of how many times he said that.

11:26 – “God’s grace.” “God bless you and God bless the United States of America.” Okay. And we’re done.

11:36 – Wait, wait, during this dude’s benediction, he just said something about “mosques, temples, or wherever you worship.” HUH? I hate it when pastors do not take a stand.

11:37 – “…yellow will be mellow, and the white will do right.” Again, caught the last end of his prayer, but…really?

Summary? I still don’t agree with Obama's policies or his ideas, and I am curious to see what changes he will make in the coming years. But I’m not worried. Let’s be honest. God’s really in charge, and this election did not take God by surprise. And maybe in 2012, I’ll watch my second presidential inauguration.


Brooke said...

We need to be prayerful that Pres. Obama will be open to following the Lord's guidance for our country.

I'm convinced that straying from Him is really what has gotten us into this mess.

Beth said...

love this post!
I didn't really listen, it was on the radio via Rush Limbaugh show... but I was out of the room taking care of Russ and lunch.... loved YOUR version!
I did not want to hear it, really, I guess I am to intolerant...

Sara@I.Sass said...

Let us recap this fine post:
Must go to bathroom.
Stupid video stream is lost again.
He forgot what he was saying, no biggie.
His Scripture? (Can someone PLEASE find the book that mentions childish?)
No Joke.
Oh Snap.
Just a Thought.
How long is he going to speak?
True Dat.
How many "hope"s?
Oh goodness girl that was the best speech I ever heard/read! HA.
I DVR'ed it so I can watch it again and write it down and disect it too!
You are too funny and DAT TRUE!

Rachel said...

This was great! I missed the inauguration, so thanks for posting. I'm sure your commentary was much better than CNN's. :)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I watched the whole thing too. It was exciting and weird all at the same time. I couldn't move off from the couch because I'm pretty stinkin sick - but that meant that I could sit and watch the inauguration (checked your title to make sure I spelled it right) instead of tend to boys, do laundry, dishes, etc. :)
The whole mellow yellow thing cracked me up.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog! Nice to meet ya.

Loved your recap. Just wanted to disagree with one point... the "good motivational speaker to be president" part. Ummm. Former President Bush was one of the worst motivational speakers of all time and he was president for eight years. Not criticizing, just sayin... :-)

ihavetobelieve said...

Did someone really say something about mello yello? i personally prefer mountain dew... thanks for the breakdown. Strangely I watched a rerun of Archie Bunker on TVLand during inaug festivities before work. Then missed the actual event. If this doesn't cause us to pray... what is it going to take?

I'm prayin' and

I'm a Believer!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

You are a hoot. You should be working for FOX News.

Carrie said...

haha I watched it and I loved your commentary. Too funny.

I told my kids this was the new president. My 3 year old then asked me "Is he my president?" Yes, he is and we need to pray for him!!!

Growin' with it! said...

hey what a great "play by play"...i had sooo many of these similar thoughts today too!

heresmycuplord said...

And you saved the best for last! Love your summary. GOD is in control. (BTW: Think the person reading messed up, which is where Obama followed...)

Glad you left my space. Don't know about facebook, but so glad you're here.

Thx 4 faithfully stopping by! Oh! I get the whole Superman thing from your prev. post... ha!