Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost in Myspace

I canceled my myspace account today. It was actually a really big deal for me because I am into social networking so much -- which was one of the reasons I got out of there.

I do the whole facebook thing, too, and most of the people I have on my friends list on myspace are on facebook as well. So...isn't that redundant? There were a lot of other reasons, too, none really dramatic or anything like that. It was just unnecessary clutter, basically.

Down with myspace and welcome LOST!! Tonight is the big night, L-Night. I cannot wait! I have a friend who's having a Lost party at his house, so that's where I'll be watching the big show and seeing what will happen to our favorite castaways. Here are my thoughts:

Kate -- From the previews, there's going to be someone who causes trouble for her and realizes she's not Aaron's biological mother. I think this is going to be a big factor in her agreeing to go back to the island (again, though, is the question of HOW are they going to get back?). I'm hoping she and Sawyer will start something up again because, really, I just can't see her with Jack.

Jack -- NEEDS to go back to the island. He obviously, from the flash-forwards, can't handle being reintegrated in society. He needs to lose the beard, stop working with Ben (nothing good ever happens with Ben), and take charge like he did on the island...which is probably why he wants to go back so much.

Ben -- My FAVORITE character, believe it or not. He and Sawyer are tied for the best one-liners. He's obviously got something worked out, and I don't think he made the island disapear. Maybe he moved it or something, but I'm betting he knows where it is. And I'm also curious to see the final showdown between him and Charles (can't remember his last name), because that's gonna happen.

Sun -- I'm hoping really, really hard that Jin isn't dead. And what's she going to do with the baby, btw? Is the baby going back to the island, too?

Hurley -- Hurley had a gun in the previews. If that doesn't scare you, nothin' will.

Sayid -- Who is he working for?? Is it Ben? When did he turn into such a suave assassin? Will he be more of a danger when they all go back? What's going on for him?

Sawyer -- MUST be alive. He's right behind Ben (and right in front of Locke) on my Fav Characters list. It's been three years since the Oceanic Six left the island. I bet Sawyer's in charge of that island now.

Juliet -- I started liking her near the end of last season, and I think I'll like her more this season. I am curious, though, as to what role she'll play this season: leader, Jack's romantic interest (and Kate's competition), spy, doctor? It could be all four.

Locke -- Ah, Locke. How we've missed you. They better make it back to the island soon, because I want to see Locke and Sawyer again!!

Claire -- NOT a favorite character by any means, but WHAT IN THE WORLD is up with her and Jack's dad (well, he is her dad, too, actually...)????? I need to know this!

Just a few more hours until LOST!!!!!


Mari said...

I can't wait for Lost either!

Brooke said...

i'm so excited!!

sorry couldn't contain that squeel!

Anonymous said...

I'm considering canceling my MS too.

OK, onto LOST:

1. Spoiler: ABC announced that Jin is not dead and his character will return for seasons 5 & 6. My theory? Empty grave that has something to do with Widmore or Ben.

2. Sawyer MUST live... because he's hot, and I need eye candy. :)

3. Hubby & Bro-in-law have some VERY interesting theories on the whole Ben-Widmore situation. You'd just have to sit down and listen to them all. BIL thinks Widmore came over on the Black Rock in the 1500s.

4. Can't wait to see more of Desmond & Penny! :)

You know what, I might do my own Lost blog today... I think I will.

misti said...

Oooookay now you've got me excited.

Sara@I.Sass said...

You guys are SO funny. Lost drives me crazy...I say I'm not watching this ANYMORE...because it only brings MORE questions then answers. I like my shows to end in a nice little wrapped up package, happy endings if you please...but Lost just does NOT let me have my me right back in. ARGH.
At least I know where to come with Lost-titis

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Just popping in to say hi to a fellow LOSTIE! Can't wait for tonight.

Rach@In His Hands said...

I'm SO out of the loop. Am I the only non Lost-er out there?!
I know, I know...what am I thinking.

Sarah M. said...

I FINALLY got on Facebook this December, but again, as with blogging, a friend set it all up... I am just not good at initiaing setting up accounts...It can be adictive!! Thankfully I've been burried in Season 4 of 24, so it hasn't taken over my whole life...I'm clueless about Lost.

CR said...

I've not gotten into LOST. I hear so much about it! I am close to closing myspace too. I did about a year ago and really don't use it much. I really like facebook better.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Lost...I must say I am a little miffed!!!!! And I now have a headache!

Growin' with it! said...

i was happy to see there were 2 episodes last night. i felt great about all the questions i had answered and now even more frustrated at the new questions i have. kinda like traveling in time and not knowing "when" i am!? ☺

Susan D said...

Hey Gal, Thanks for stopping by my little spot. I have FB and MySpace accounts too. I never did get all wrapped up in MS like a lot of my friends but we all have FB too, so why have both? Please stop by and visit again, be sure to check out my photo blog too. Just click on the 365 photo project icon on my side bar. Blessings, Susan