Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back in action

I'm medicated, hydrated, and wide awake (which comes from having pretty much slept the last three days by).

But today, I'm back at work!

I know that sounds really strange for me to be excited about, but after being confined to the house Saturday through Monday, I'm thrilled to be anywhere, even at work.

And, for the record, I wasn't really "sick." I had a cold. And I couldn't talk because of said cold. I even called my mom up on Saturday with all the energy I could muster, and she said, "Who is this?" That's when you know you need to take it easy.

Superman decided to be Dr. Superman and take care of me this weekend. He brought me juice, cooked me dinner, made sure I stayed home(again, not so happy about this...I missed a fun night at the university with NONREFUNDABLE tickets AND a basketball game), but...there was one good thing...

He bought me a swing. =D

I will have to post pictures later, but for about two years, I've been wanting a porch swing or a hammock. Now, while this one is a (dunno really what to call it) a self-hanging swing, it is PERFECT. I love it so much, and while I was home-bound, I spent a lot of time in that beautiful swing.

Yesterday, though, was Doctor Day. I don't like going to the doctor, especially when I feel like I'm actually progressing. Even with our insurance, it's about $100 a visit. I mean, if I'm actually feeling sick and all, yeah, by all means, let's go, but, really, all that was wrong was that I couldn't talk.

BUT, as I have class today and kind of NEED to speak, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and go.

I asked Dr. if he had anything that would make me better by Tuesday. "Oh, yeah," he said, writing on the back of his perscription pad. "A shot of *somethingsomething*..."


I have a phobia of needles. It's not a fear; it's a phobia. No grown woman should be this terrified of needles.

"Wait," I said, my eyes wide. "Do you have something that will make me better by...Thursday?"

He looked surprised, and I said, "I really don't like shots."

He grinned for the rest of my visit -- and sent me home with pills. Woo hoo! Scaredy cat wins again!

I love my pills. Not as much as my swing, but I'm definitely feeling the love.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You know, colds can wreck havoc. The other day, I had a headache that was so bad that for two days my scalp was SORE when I touched it. All sinus-related.

Mari said...

Glad you are feeling better. What a guy you have to get the swing! I think you should keep him!

Lois Lane II said...

To Mari -- Yeah, me, too. ;)

Michelle said...

i hate shots too! normally when they ask to give me one i break out in a sweat and tell them no....this last time when i went in for my back i figured it couldn't hurt any worse than the back pain. i felt like such a baby..... that poor nurse probably hopes she never has to give me another one!

so glad that you are feeling better!

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

funny! not funny that you were sick but the needles part... funny!

Growin' with it! said...

so that's how you get out of shots! hmm, hate to say this but if you and superman are planning on a little superboy someday...the shots are nuthin' honey...but the whole experience is AWESOME. and would be a great addition as you swing on the porch together!

look at me, don't even know you that well and sounding like aunt linda bugging you about babies!!!

Kelly said...

Ouch...shots! I had a phobia too, until I had to give myself a shot every 12 hours when I was pregnant AND do blood tests four times a day for gestational diabetes...you can say I got over my fear of shots/needles pretty quickly. I had to!

I can't wait to see pics of your swing...it sounds lovely. Swinging outside sounds really nice right now...it's sooooo cold! Anything outside sounds nice! Enjoy!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Yay for feelin' better!

Rachel said...

Get pregnant. You'll get over that fear of needles pretty darn quickly. :)

Brooke said...

glad you're feeling better! :)

misti said...

Ohhhh you and your needles! Wait til you get pg!

Sherry said...

Sorry you've been sick, but so glad you're better -- via pills ;)