Friday, February 27, 2009

Memorable Quotes, Part II

As per your request....

“Does anyone need a smoke break? We won’t judge you.” – Student D, driving back from the infamous “Field Trip from You-Know-Where”…He’s a smoker.

“She’s like Betty Crocker. You hear of her, and you see her work, but you don’t really know if she exists.” – Co-worker, speaking of a student

“Your hair looks so good it looks fake.” – Friend’s co-worker

“You can’t fix stupid.” -- Co-worker, speaking again of a student

Me, talking about the Mission Friends lesson: “Would you like to live in the rainforest like these missionaries?”
Kindergartner: “No!”
Me: “Why not?”
Kid: “Because I couldn’t take my Wii with me!”

“I stopped watching America’s Dumbest Criminals because I just felt sorry for the idiots.” – Dad

“You’re so talented…when you want to be.” – Hubby

Person A: “You should get a divorce. Maybe you’d find Mr. Right.”
Person B: (sighs) “I have, but Mr. Right is going to prison.”


Sara@i.Sass said...

You can't fix stupid.
Have you ever seen Ron White?
He is really potty mouthed but SO funny.
I pee-my-pants laugh when I watch:
They call me Tater Salad.
If you can stand crude...he's real funny.
So what did "my girlfriends in town" think of his F? I'm curious cause that one, all I can do is shake my head, at him. (it IS a him right?) These days you never know I guess.

Rachel said...

LOL :)

septembermom said...

I love so many of these! Mr. Right is going to prison is hilarious. My favorite is "your hair looks so good it looks fake." Great idea for a post!

Mari said...

Those are so funny. I like the hair one too!

Brooke said...

what an interesting life you lead! :P

misti said...

i love your daddy! Haha!!

Btw, your word verification was foopp. Just thought it was worth repeating.

CR said...

oh my, such the range of quotes!

Sherry said...

I love quotes! Thanks!

Sarah M. said...

I plan on doing a post soon on "What do you say to that?!!" You know where people say the dumbest things to you and there is really no gracious way to respond. Feel free to e mail me any of your own situations :-)

Growin' with it! said...

oh that last one got me!!! and the fake hair one too.

Rach@In His Hands said...

How did I miss this post?!

Hahahaha....funny stuff, girl! :-)