Monday, February 9, 2009

Lovin' me some podcasts

So, as you could tell from a previous blog, I'm getting into podcasts, and, since many of you said you, too, would be interested in hearing about my findings, I decided to share the two with you that I'm currently listening to.

1. Nancy Leigh DeMoss of Revive our Hearts ministry
She is Ah-MAZ-ing!! I'm listening to a series on how to be discerning about what we as Christians read/listen to/watch, and it's mind-boggling. They come in 22ish-minute clips, and at first, I was like, "Well, I'll just listen to one today, because I really want it to sink in." But I couldn't. I HAD to listen to all three of them RIGHTTHEN. And, after it was all over, I thought, "Hmm...Well, I could listen to them again..." That's "re-listenability" for you. ;)

2. Mars Hill Church
I think I have some podcasts by Rob Bell, but right now I'm listening to podcasts from this church by Mark Driscoll, who is phonemonal. I mean -- WOW. I drove an hour and a half yesterday (each podcast -- so far -- is about an hour and 10 minutes long), but the drive seemed so short. In fact, once I reached my destination, I was kind of like, "Do I have to stop?" So I took the iPod inside and listened, haha! The first podcast was on Song of Solomon 6 and was very insightful, not the usual Songs sermon you hear, and the second one (that I'm only 20 mins into) is about Jesus and the Pharasiees.

Anyway, those are some great podcasts that I think you'd really enjoy. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know, but I would highly encourage you to check these out. They're insightful, they're resourceful, and they really make you think about how to live out the Christian life.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Thanks for the suggestions! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...nancy is great, i hear her on the radio a lot...i should really download some of her stuff. : )

Anonymous said...

Yes, she rocks in a very convicting sort of way!

Sarah M. said...

Um, I kinda cringe when Nancy crosses my path! She is always good for a hefty helping of conviction!!!

Michelle said...

thanks so much for sharing these! we just finished up the Seeking Him bible study and I'd love to listen to her podcasts!