Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Because I like to follow the leader

Rachel's MM&M Carnival doesn't really begin until July, but, after reading several of your lovey-dovey blogs, I could not help but join in early, too.

Because that's what I like to do. I'm a followerer. On most occasions.

Without further ado, let me present the beginnings of our love story.

I’d like to say it was love at first sight, but it was probably lust.

I met him at a BCM function. He had the cutest smile I’d ever seen, and I loved his laugh. It was contagious. And then I thought, “Don’t even think about it. He’s so awesome, he probably already has a girlfriend. Give it up.”

So I did. And two months later, he started dating another girl.


Just kidding. We probably didn’t need to date just them. Both of us had a lot of growing up to do, and, had I not gone through the experiences I did over the next year and a half, I don’t think I would have appreciated him like I did December 2003.

That’s when I realized I really liked this man, who’d become my best friend over the past six months. He had been dating the same chick he started dating in 2002, and I thought they were getting married – and even approved of it. I was happy being his friend, though all the guys I dated while I knew him had to measure up to him. And none of them did.

Girlfriend broke up with him in November, and I started “talking” (Why do we call it “talking”? I went on dates with the guy, so does that count as dating? Sure, why not?) with another guy who was very jealous of Superman – who I, at the time, had no romantic interest in. And it bothered me that Dating Dude kept putting Superman down: “Do you know how many video games he plays?” “He always acts so weird.” “Why do you hang out with him so much?” I understood it was jealousy, but single guys, let me give you a hint: badmouthing another guy never works in your favor. Superman knew that I was dating this guy, and he was uber-supportive – even though he secretly had a crush on me. “He’s such a great guy,” he told me one night. “He’ll be sweet to you forever and be able to provide well for you.” And he broke my heart.

I kicked Dating Dude to the curb. I didn't do it to date Superman. I did it because I could not date a guy who would badmouth a friend just to be with a girl.

And on December 31, 2003, I was standing in Central Park in New York City, watching the fireworks and talking to Superman on the phone, who was in Louisiana. “It’s so beautiful,” I said breathlessly. “I wish you were with me to see it.”

When I said that, everything suddenly became clear.

We were such close friends – best friends, in fact. We knew each other’s dirty little secrets and still liked each other. Just a month later, we decided to try dating…and decided we liked it so much that we decided, “Heck, why don’t we keep this up for a lifetime?”

What a great idea.

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Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

okay, now that was just precious! what a cute story! thanks for sharing! loved it!!!!

misti said...

Even though I've heard this before...LOVES it :)

Although...I think you need part II - the first year ;) Need a recap? I was there for that one! Hehe

Lois Lane II said...

Haha! I don't even REMEMBER the first year. I think I might have gone crazy...oh, yeah...lol!!

Anonymous said...

This makes me smile SO MUCH!!! Especially because I remember Other Girlfriend and now that I know you I wish it had been you with us at the Bama game. Maybe LSU would have won then. :)

Anonymous said...

I so relate and love your story. We are married to the best men out there! Sorry single ladies... ha!

Brooke said...


i got engaged in central park - its a wonderfully romantic place :)

sara said...

I loved this!!! what a sweet story! Now I am conflicted...do I "follow" and join in early or do I "follow the rules" and wait till July....argh!!!

Anonymous said...

you are a great writer! what a beautiful post! and the rest was history...

can't wait to hear part II!

Mari said...

What a great story! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just lost my first comment. So, here goes again...

I really enjoyed this post. Since I'm new to your blog, I don't know much about you or your husband. This was a great introduction.

Thanks for sharing your love story with us. I'm going to participate in this blog carnival too, but I'm waiting till July. ;-)


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Marrying best friends if literally the BEST! Loved it.