Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This really happened

I've really been running on empty the past few days regarding ideas for blogs. Not that I haven't been really busy...My mind's just been ridiculously turned "off."

I was reading Brooke's blog about the results of her weekend garage sale when I started to remember the two garage sales I have participated in during my life, and...well, the first one, at least, is definitely interesting...

"It's the garage sale EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Books, clothes, furniture, DVDs, and so much more!! All to benefit the American Cancer Society!! Participate in the cause with our garage sale!!"

That was the gist of our ad we placed in the paper. Tina, one of our relay team members, was the classifieds director. Can you tell?

We got up in what I thought was the middle of the night (about 5 a.m.) to get things ready for our 6 a.m. opening time. People began showing up at 5:30...with flashlights.

But they weren't our first customers. Tina had people come to her house (the garage sale site) the night before. Yeah. That's right.

Around 6 a.m., when the sun was finally beginning to rise, we had a ton of people -- and a ton of stuff. A lot of our coworkers had donated for the cause, which definitely helped. Heck, we even browsed the area, looking for clothing that we'd want to purchase.

But first...the fight for the votive holder.

"This says it's a dollar," some woman called out to Tina. BTW, she was fighting for it with another lady, who was glancing over the clothing at the time. "Can I get it for 50 cents?"

Tina, who'd been through garage sales before and knew how to handle this, glared at her. "It IS for finding a cure for cancer," she replied.

The woman stormed off in a huff, but Tina did have a point. I mean...all profits DID benefit the ACS.

A few minutes later, after Tina walked inside, the other lady who'd been eying the holder, came up to me. "Can I get this for 75 cents?" she asked.

"Um...sure?" I said warily. I mean, this was my first garage sale. I didn't know how these things worked.

"Sold," she said, smiling, and walked off.

When Tina heard, she just laughed. I miss that girl.

(But I will see her in just a couple of weeks!!)

But the highlight of the garage sale came around 9 a.m., when we were lazing around and mainly goofing off. We still had a few customers, but they were trickling out.

And we did this to my dog.

She was not happy. And neither were we a bit later when some woman saw Superdog, sitting in my lap, and said, "I'll pay $200 for her."

My mouth dropped. "Uh...she's not for sale."

"Well, it SAYS 'Make offer,'" she retorted.

"It's a JOKE," I replied, holding Superdog tighter. I would punch people for my dog. I would.

And so this woman goes on this mini-rant, saying how she had been to this other garage sale where they had a price sticker on an (inanimate) object and it wasn't for sale, and she told her husband when they got in the car that she wasn't going to take it anymore, and she was going to buy the next thing that had a sticker on it, whether or not it was for sale.

Tina came over and pulled the sticker from poor Superdog's head. She seemed annoyed, but thankfully, it didn't seem to hurt her.

"She's not for sale," I repeated.

Oh, and then the woman talks about how her husband just lost his little Chihuahua and how happy it would make him to have another one. Uh...I really hate that, but...NO.

She finally, FINALLY left, thank goodness, but not before saying, "If she follows me, I'm taking her." And then whistled for Superdog to come.

Superdog didn't move. I held her collar fairly tightly, but she wasn't eager to follow.

She knows who loves her. ;)

We made about $300 on the garage sale (that's what happens when about 10 people contribute), which was good. But I did learn one valuable lesson:

Leave the pup inside.


Brooke said...

some people need a sense of humor!

and bickering over a quarter kills me too! seriously if that $0.25 is going to break you then you don't need the item.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Are you serious?! Some people are just crazy. Superdog is SO cute, but who would try to snatch her like that?!

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, garage sales (no matter where you are across the country) definitely bring out a "unique culture". Can't believe that woman was arguing about your dog.....I would not have been happy either!

misti said...

If people show up at my house Friday night I'm calling the cops. Haha

septembermom said...

Superdog would get a bunch of offers, I'm sure!! He's a cutie!! I've never had a garage sale. I didn't know that such a big crowd could show up so early. I also can't believe that someone would fight about a quarter.

Mari said...

There are some crazy people who come to garage sales!

David said...

This is hilarious! Garage sales bring out all kinds.

Sarah M. said...

I shy away from garage sales. Now I know why! I am crazy, but not THAT kind of crazy!
Don keeps wanting me to have a garage sale, but when I have crap that has to go, it has to go NOW! I would go nuts saving it up until summer. Maybe once the house is done and I have a place to hide it all winter.... but then again, I don't see it worth the trouble. I'd just throw everything into a box an charge a quarter! There are actually books about having a successful garage sale... troubling!

Michelle said...

oh goodness! poor superdog! i can't believe she actually said if she follows i'm taking her!

sara said...

I gave up on garage sales awhile ago for that very reason...crazy people!!! yikes!

Sherry said...

Gracious! You had some SERIOUS garage sale customers!

Rena said...

forThat's GREAT material! For the blog, that is.

Not for sale, not the dog. Got it.

Also lovin' the pic of the crawfish. Yum!

Getting hungry now!

Anonymous said...

So funny! I guess Superdog is a hot commodity!

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

i have vowed to never have a garage sale again. yikes~! don't let superdog out at night alone! she could be lurking!

Sara@i.Sass said...

We had a ratty mattress in the back of our garage...the tables were put in such a away that you could see the back garage but not get there, cause nothing back there was for sael or worth selling. Anyhoo, wouldn't you know a person of ethnicity came by and offered me $50 for the mattress. I looked at WonderBread, he looked at me and said "SOLD!" We made $60 bucks that whole weekend. But hey we got rid of the ratty mattress!

Sara@i.Sass said...

Hey I just read your comment on Linda's blog...
I NEED to see those counter tops!!!
Mine are a hideious shade of yellow to match the floor that looks like it was peed on for color.
Seriously, lets swap henious-ness.

Anonymous said...

crazy lady! lighten up!!! i'm glad you held on tight to Superdog!

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate a yard saler! Your poor pup must have been shaking in his boots.


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

You were playin' with fire there. Garage-salers are hard-core. Yay for your money!

Growin' with it! said...

i love to garage sale, but there is a crowd that is all their own. we had a woman come to our sale and saw our cat. she proceeded to take a bite OUT OF HER MOUTH from whatever she was eating and fed it to my kitty. i didn't whether to barf or scream....basically shock was all i could do. crazy people.

Chatty Kelly said...

I am a good Christian gal, but somebody mess with my dog...trouble. ;-)

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Glad to hear of the profits! Hate to hear about the dumb lady and making an offer for superdog! I had a cat disappear after I let her hang out at a yard sale. Biggest regret. Ugh. I hate mean people. ~Mindy