Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He feel it, she feel it, we feel it, here we go

This really should be Friday, because I have a feeling this blog's gonna be random enough for Caffeinated Randomness. And if I misspelled "caffeinated," I'm okay with that.

First. Do not send your COLLEGE professor a SUPERBLY grammatically incorrect e-mail. I can understand one or two errors. I can. But the following...I cannot.

"i do not know how to create a blog. i would like to make my blog on blogger also i want to know if the first blog is due this friday the 5th or june 6th saturday. could you let me know?"

Or begin it like this...

"Good morning ms. roberts,"

Please. No.

Or take an online class...and not check your e-mail. Who does that???


I did NOT have a good day yesterday. I didn't feel good, I'd stared at a computer screen until I felt my eyeballs were going to bleed, and even a Three Musketeers bar didn't help (Rachel, I feel your pain on the Dr. Peppers...I just lack the desire for self control.). I hadn't mentioned this much to my sweet husband other than I cancelled dinner with some friends because of just the "not-feeling-gooders," and he said he would run to the store to pick up some cheese top top our chili with.

He came home and, looking sheepish, stood in the doorframe. "Well, the trip to the grocery store got a little out of hand," he said, pulling beautiful stargazer lilies (Thanks for the identification, Misti!! LOL! My knowledge of plants does not extend past roses, gardenias, and tulips.) from behind his back. My eyes started tearing up.

"And," he continued, "I thought, I couldn't get you flowers without a card."

He pulled out a card. "But I couldn't give you a card without writing anything in it, so I had to buy pens, too," he said.

Sniff. I love that man.

Who (randomness No. 3) is now on facebook. Back on facebook, I should say. He had various reasons for quitting facebook the first time, about two years ago, one of which was because I got aggrivated that, when he wouldn't respond to people's messages, they'd message ME and say, "Why isn't Superman writing us back?" Because he's a boy who forgets! You've met him! You know this! UGH.

(Which, by the way, people still do, but that's a whole different blog. BUT I'll just say this -- If he did not answer when you called, why do you call me? I'd understand once or twice, but we have people who do this ALL THE TIME. He's either busy -- which is usually the case; his work hours are crazy -- or at a place where he can't answer his phone. And, NO, I'm NOT going to tell him to call you back when he gets home at 11 p.m. He's going to SLEEP. Okay, okay, I'm done...for now.)

Back to facebook. So he's addicted now. I don't know what changed, but he is addicted! He's got it on his PHONE -- even I don't go that far, haha!

And......that's all the randomness for today!


Colleen said...

I had a case of the Mondays too! What is it about Mondays!?!? I love hearing about your teaching stories..working on a college campus for the past 7 years I can totally see those emailing coming in!

misti said...

I'm not 100% on the lilies...but hey, they're flowers, and they're gorgeous, and so are you! Hope your day is better today! And had fun hanging out last night =)

Carol said...

Enjoying the randomness... helps me know what's happening in your world. :-)

Your hubby was so very sweet to get you flowers and a card while at the store. The grammatically incorrect e-mails are a bit funny.

Hope you are doing well today.

septembermom said...

How nice of Superman to think of you with flowers and a card! He is a sweetheart. Hope you have a better day today. I take those Three Musketeer breaks too!

David said...

I just got through grading some scholarship applications. It seems that even the "best and the brightest" don't know how to write all that well these days. You would think that I could accept this, but I was just as surprised this year as I was last year. I guess we've collectively lowered our standards in that particular area.

I'm a sap for a sweet love story. I would high five superman if I could.

Michelle said...

oh how sweet!!

hope you are having a better day today =O)

Jourdan said...

Okay, this is a little bit on the random side as well...but is your title a song by grits?? I used to listen to them back in the day :)

Brooke said...

the blahs must be going around. i just want to curl up under my desk right now...

*quicly scans comment for grammatical errors*

Growin' with it! said...

not to disrespect our guys...but don'tcha feel like a mom sometimes? sheesh! guess that's all part of being "the helpmate"! ☺

Sara@i.Sass said...

I am SO paranoid to have you read my blog now! You're not grading me are you???
And I just have to point this out...you said cheese top top.
I thought "well, what is cheese top top? Is that like top a tater only southern style?"
I read that sentence over and over again when I realized you MEANT to say cheese TO top our chili with.
Ha ha ha, I think it's rather clever of me "misspelly" Sara to point out grammer to you College Professor getting her PHD.
Okay go ahead and slap me now. I'm still laughing though.
Oh, I love surprise flowers!!!! Way to go SUPERMAN!
I don't drink pop, but after the night I had, a DR pepper sounds good.

Mari said...

What a sweet hubby you have! Star gazer lilies are beautiful and smell wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Sorry you are having a bad day! :)

Rachelle said...

Hope you have a much better day... :)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Sweet Superman.

Tanya said...

That's really sweet, great hubby you got!