Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WYAW: Kid time (For yourself...not those you gave birth to)

I LOVE What's Your Answer Wednesdays! I LOVE them because I get to find out more about YOU!

I'm a big kid at heart. I really am. I love going to zoos and playing hide and seek and eating junk food. I don't ever want to actually grow up. So...let's talk about kid stuff!

1. What was your favorite game growing up?

2. What do you do with your kids (or, if you're like me, do you expect you'll do with future children) that's really more of a treat for you than them?

3. Did you eat your veggies as a kid?

4. What's your earliest memory?


My answers

1. Hide and seek. Hands down. I was a superb hider. Didn't like seeking (though you only had to catch one person...).

2. Go to Disney World (We went there on our honeymoon). Or maybe just TCBY for ice cream...Yummm...a peach milkshake sounds soooo good right now.

3. Ew, NO! I vividly remember one time my mom soaking broccoli in cheese sauce and me STILL not eating it. Now I'll eat broccoli plain. I love it!

4. The first house I remember living in was on the corner of two highways, and we had huge trees in our yard (maybe they weren't that huge, but they were to me). My dad hooked a rope swing on one of the top branches and would swing me higher and higher on it -- and I loved every second of it. Hmmm...that's probably why I like roller coasters now...

Your turn!

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Brooke said...

1. Noah's Ark. We'd take the "hay" (grass clippings) and feed the animals on the ark.

2. I love going to the park with my niece. I'd go by myself if I didn't get creepy pedifile looks.

3. For the most part I ate what was in front of me, but my mom didn't serve veggies that weren't grown in our garden.

4. playing with my sister and cousins - everything from soap operas to the royal family

Sherry said...

1. Playing dress-up.

2. Going to theme parks. We all still love the rides. We took our son to Disney World when he was 3, 5, 7 (his birthday) and 10 before we moved from the deep south. We enjoyed it as much or more than he did. Having him along gave us legitimacy for being on the teacup, Dumbo, Space Mountain, etc. When vacationing, if we ran across a theme park along the way we would stop to let him have fun. He felt that vacation was official if he was flipped upside down, spun around, propelled at warp speed, etc. :)

3. Yes, most of them.

4. We lived down by a river in a large pink rock house with huge trees around the house and down the road (like a lover's lane). The barn was rocked like the house. There was a 4' or 5' deep cement reservoir that fed water down to the animals that we used as a swimming pool. I have many memories living there: My first time to Vacation Bible School, Christmases, Summer days, visiting friends. Loved it!

Thanks for asking! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

septembermom said...

1. tag, hopscotch, jump rope
2. Disney World is one of my faves
3. I fought all veggies on my plate.
4. I remember getting stung by a bee when I was 6. I freaked out.

David said...

OK, that picture of you guys at Disney World is just awesome! This needs to be an addition to your sidebar. Seriously.

OK, on to the questions...

1. I had a trampoline growing up. There are few games that aren't made better by bouncing on a trampoline... from dodgeball to wrestling.

2. When my kids were little, we used to go camping. Nothing like loading up everything and heading for a state park for a weekend of togetherness!

3. Yes, I ate vegetables. To this day, I do not like soggy canned asparagus, though. But I've since found out that fresh asparagus is great.

4. My earliest memories are pretty sketchy. I recall my grandparents house. They had a concrete goldfish pond in the back yard. I remember it as being big, but it was actually quite small according to the pictures I've seen since.

Anonymous said...

1. Oh gosh, probably Hide & Seek also, then Super Mario Bros when Nintendo came out, LOL.

2. Swimming. She hates it, I love it. :)

3. Yep. And I still do.

4. Not sure. Baking cakes with my grandmother when I was about 3, but I don't know if that's the earliest.

Sara@i.Sass said...

1) I've got two. First the game of Life, I wanted twins twins and twins so I could fill that little car! and Rock star. I would spend oodles of time in my room belting out songs and then "accepting" awards. I was a Diva before beyonce!!!
2) I'd have to say cuddleing up in bed on the weekends, Huuby and I really hate leaving bed, eventually the kids come looking for us and then the come in with us and we milk it for all it's worth. Oh, and BERRY picking! NEVER DO that until the kid is at least 12!!!! seriously.
3)You mean like french fries right?
4)Cruising the 'Hood asking for cookies at 3!

sara said...

1. anything outside, but probably sardines (form of hide and seek)

2. going to the beach...I LOVE it, but kids are just ok with it

3. yes, I was a great eater (unfortunately I still am!)..loved most all vegies!

4. I grew up in Arizona (hot) and when I was 3 it snowed!! my mom put some snow in a bowl for me to eat, but I had to run to the bathroom. when I got back it was all melted and I fell apart!!!

Susan D said...

I love the bride and groom mouse ears. Too cute! Blessings, SusanD

misti said...

1. Spiders in the dark - hide and seek, in the dark. Spooky!

2. The ZOO! I love it as much as they do, I promise.

3. Yep, I preferred veggies to mac & cheese! My mom must have done something right, hehe

4. I remember walking barefoot (and I stepped on stickers) to our neighbor's house to borrow a cup of sugar for my mom while mom watched from the porch. I was 3.

Growin' with it! said...

1. kick the can. late at night...scary but awesome!

2. play dolls. kinda got jipped on that one! hee hee.

3. yes. even the lima beans i was tortured with. never make my boys eat them, that's for sure!

4. laying in my aunt's lap and she was stroking my hair behind my ear. ahhhh, miss that!