Friday, June 12, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: IM Conversation

Welcome to this week’s edition of Caffeinated Randomness – and I’ve got a doozy for you!

I mentioned earlier this week that Superman is now on facebook. For those of you who aren’t on FB, there are different random quizzes you can take…Such as the “Which Arrested Development character are you?” one. Arrested Development is one of our favorite shows. It’s the story of a dysfunctional family who loses all their money and the one son, Michael, who is constantly struggling through the series to bring them all together. Other main characters (relevant to this blog) include Tobias, the psychiatrist-turned-actor son-in-law who has no common sense nor love for his hot wife, and Gob (pronounced Job), the wanna-be magician who…well, you’ll see.

(Instant Message conversation Wednesday morning – Ignore the SUPER BAD grammar errors – this was not a message to my professor, haha!)

Lois Lane II: there's a facebook quiz "which arrested development character are you?" I'm taking it now. You can find it on Ella’s profile

Superman: done

Lois Lane II: lol

Superman: you're going to have to forward it... Ella's not on my friends list yet

Lois Lane II: i'll try

Lois Lane II: okay i sent it

Lois Lane II: LOL -- I'm Michael (not really surprised, but I promise I answered them as truthfully as possible)

Lois Lane II: have you done it?

Superman: oh no

Superman: i'm GOB

Lois Lane II: hehehhehehe

Lois Lane II: How did you end up Gob?

Superman: geez, that’s not embarrassing

Superman: It says, You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer. You seek power, fame, & riches above all other things. You typically have no sense of other people's feelings & emotions, and your libido is out of control!

Lois Lane II: I straight up just snorted in my office

Superman: can i take it down???

Lois Lane II: lol, just don't publish it, that's fine


Lois Lane II: Ella was Tobias, if that makes you feel any better

Lois Lane II: Go over to the side of it and hit remove -- but it's no biggie. We all knew your libido was out of control

Superman: IT'S NOT LETTING ME!!!

Superman: got it

Superman: Phew

Lois Lane II: better now?

Superman: much better

Superman: my goodness, that was embarrassing

Lois Lane II: well, unfortunately, you know that's probably going to come up on everyone's feed, don't you?

Lois Lane II: you can't take that down

Superman: well, i'm pretty sure it's real time... meaning if i remove it, it'll be removed from them, too

Superman: right?

(For those of you wondering, it did NOT show up in the feeds...)

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Mari said...

That is hillarious! Some of those quizzes and answers are out there, but other ones turn out surprisingly right! We'll say this one was one of the goofy ones.

Falling Around said...

LOL.... oh that's just too goood!

I love moments like that. Once my hubby left me a rather, ummm, obnoxious comment on my blog just seeing if it worked okay and then was going to delete it. Later, we remembered that people could subscribe to the comments and we began to sweat - wondering if it made it into anyone's feed. So, I had to write a few apology emails... nice.

It was saucy... know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! I'm going to take this right now!!!

septembermom said...

Really funny! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I totally love this. Poor thing. I'd delete it too. Besides, what do they know??

Rachelle said...

HA! Cracking up!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I am a fan of the all the facebook quizzes...they are just so much fun!

alihsee said...

Haha... Facebook's a killer sometimes! :)

Happy Caffeine! :)

Sherry said...

LOL! LOL! So funny!

Anonymous said...

So funny! It may be off facebook, but it will live forever on your blog. Isn't life great?


kara with a k said...

Hilarious! I am always concerned about accidentally hitting publish on those silly quizzes on Facebook and then having all my former high school classmates and childhood buddies and random co-workers know that I have completely lost my mind and have the quiz results to prove it.

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog! I'll definitely be back to yours (thanks for making me feel not so bad about blogging while at work).