Friday, July 24, 2009

The caffeinated randomness without transitions

I did not brush my hair today. How's that for random?

I have this "hair style" that I like to call "loose curls." In reality, it's just me getting out of the shower, throwing some moose (that cannot be the correct spelling, I'm sure) in, and letting it dry (or sometimes not dry if there's too much) naturally"curls." It's my lazy-do but it does fly.

You know you're growing up when you and your husband are offered a free meal at Olive Garden...and you still share a meal. We kinda thought we were splurging by getting diet cokes instead of water. Big spenders here.

These three are all going to be at my house this weekend. Without looking at my profile pic, can you guess which one's mine? (It's all in the costume...)

The other two belong to this gorgeous girl.

Andrea, who hosts CR each week, did an iPod meme, so I wanted to do it, too!!!

Number of songs: 302 songs
Number of albums: Um...I don't know how to find that here
Most recently played song: Use Somebody, Kings of Leon
Most played song: Oooh Ahh, Grits
Most recently added album: It's actually a song because I still haven't bought a new iTunes card (I know I said I'd get one Monday, Rachel! LOL)Love Story, Taylor Swift
First song alphabetically: Achy Breaky Song, Weird Al Yankovich
Last song alphabetically: Your Horoscope for Today, (again) Weird Al
Biggest song numerically: 42, Coldplay
Shortest song: Uh...dunno...
Longest song: Ditto (it's just not so fun when I can't figure that out, is it?)
First album alphabetically: Alapalooza, Weird Al (I promise, I have many more songs that are not Weird Al)
Last album alphabetically: Viva La Vida, Coldplay
First album numerically: I don't have one
Last album numerically: ditto
First five songs that pop up on shuffle:
"A Star to Follow," Trans-Siberian Orchestra
"Harvey the Wonder Hampster"....Weird Al.
"Ornament," Trans-Siberian Orchestra (I really sound like I have NO songs, don't I?)
"Good King Joy."..Trans-Siberian Orchestra
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! "I was Only Kidding," ...Guess. Seriously, just GUESS.

Hope you enjoyed that THOROUGHLY insane meme.

To join up with more Caffeinated Randomness, visit Andrea!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! I love that most of your songs that came up were Weird Al!! When I was doing mine last night and I clicked shuffle, I was so mad that all the songs that came up were my husband's - I mean, seriously, I don't mind the stuff, but why when most of my iTunes library is my stuff do all of his come up first?!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny with all the Weird Al. And I love that Ooh Ahh is the most played song!

kara with a k said...

My go-to no work hairstyle is to put it all up in a psuedo-bun on the top of my head. Works like a charm, and I don't have to blow dry it, makes me happy every time. My hair is naturally straight, so I sometimes suffer from curl envy though.

Love that iPod meme, I commented on Andrea's that I am going to have to do it next week.

Falling Around said...

Wow... you really like your Weird Al, don't you? LOL

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

that pic just makes me laugh! cute!

septembermom said...

Cool song list! That's fun to do! Weird Al, interesting choice :) I'm like you when it comes to hairstyle. Wash, scrunch and go:) Makes life easier for sure.

MomE said...

Totally awesomely random!! Funny too! I'm so gonna use the "not go to work hair" thing!

David said...

That doggie picture is great!

sara said...

pretty easy to guess which dog is yours!!!! :)

I have an ipod, but don't use it very that showing my age? I typically only use it on trips!

Brooke said...

i have the same "style" i mostly use it when i'm going to be working out at lunch. and 4 hours of "done" hair isn't really worth all the trouble of blowing it dry and straightening it.

speaking of superdog...have you seen superman returns? i got it at walmart for $5 today at lunch.

Anonymous said...


Those puppy dogs are cute in their costumes!

I love all the randomness of this post :)

And I may be a little jealous of your hair style...I have always wanted loose curls :)