Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm back because of MM&M

You knew I couldn't stay away too long.

I'm refreshed and finished with stress and even having one heck of a good day at work.


I'll write about my weekly events, including the super-awesome Ohio trip, starting tomorrow, but, of course, I came back because of Rachel. And her MM&M carnival.

I kind of gave the brief run-down beforehand, but I didn't include too many details. Since I've been kind of going through what some of you have written, I decided to write about our early history instead of us meeting.

(Because neither of us remember our first date.)
(Because he really doesn't remember meeting me. Thanks, dude.)

I had a couple of good girlfriends in college, especially my senior year, but during my sophomore/junior year (I graduated in three years), my really close friends, unfortunately, were Superman and his roommate. I say unfortunately because I think I could have had valuable relationships with the same sex, but, for some reason, I just found it easier to hang out with Superman, Roomie, and Superman's girlfriend (call her L).

The three of us -- Superman, Roomie, and I -- were really close. (I say us three because Superman and L were always arguing, and I wasn't keen on taking sides) I thought of them more as brothers than anything else. When someone was mean to me, they threatened to beat him up. When my car got hit, Superman was the one who came to pick me up. When Superman didn't want to take L back to the dorm, I was the one who took her home (thanks, honey, lol). We always hung out together, and, as L was there, I didn't feel like it was too weird with me being best friends with two guys. She was my buffer.

Then L broke up with Superman. There's a really funny story (okay, it's funny now) that goes along with this, but, as this has become more of a public blog than I realized previously, I'm gonna leave that story out. ;) If your curiosity gets the best of you, I can always e-mail you the juicy details, haha!

Roomie and I were thrilled with this new development. I don't want to put all the blame on L, but she was not nice to Superman. At. All. But he wasn't the great guy that I know and married then either. So when Roomie called me with the news of their break-up, I did a little dance in Target as he cheered on the other end.

Then I started trying to figure out who I could fix Superman up with. Yeah, that's right. I'm insane, I know.

It was in New York that New Year's Eve when I realized that I had feelings for Superman that went beyond just friendship. And that startled me, mainly because he was my best friend -- and I was certain that he just wanted it to stay that way.

I didn't know it at the time, but all of Superman's friends (and most of his relatives) were trying to get him to date me. And my relatives were certain that being "best friends" wouldn't last, and I would have a boyfriend on my hands in a matter of days.

I don't really know how we finally figured out that we should date. We were a little slow figuring out the deal itself (as it took about two months after his breakup with L). Superman was confident that L would come back to him at some time. And she did. But by that time, we already had purchased my engagement ring...

So, Rachel, when's part two supposed to go up? ;)


septembermom said...

The most enduring romances happen when a couple start as friends. It's very sweet to think of the two of you working out your feelings and recognizing love. Glad that you're back. I know you must be so busy!

Anonymous said...

Ah! I'm supposed to wait until next Monday to see what happened?! :P Awesome story, lovey. I can't wait for the next installment.

And so happy you are back!

Brooke said...

you don't remember your first date???? :-o

and is this the same chick that was in the wedding you went to a few months ago?

Anonymous said...


How do I not already know this part of the story????

Don't tell me (or IM me) - I'll wait till next week (July 13, to be exact!).

I heart you so much, you know that right? :) And I am SO GLAD that Superman chose you (and L didn't stick around). Don't tell him this, but you might be the best product of our friendship!!! :)

misti said...

perfect :)

and YES...it's funny now, and heck, it was funny then!

cheers to crazy ex-g's!

Mari said...

This is a great story! I can't wait for part 2.
PS - Welcome back!

Mama Belle said...

You seem to have a memory like mine.

Thanks for sharing.

Growin' with it! said...

my Hubster & i started out "as just friends" for quite awhile, so when he did ask to date me...it was weird at first. but what a beautiful way to begin a relationship. loved your story. what a kind person you are to think of fixing him up with other chicks! good thing he saw the obvious...that beautiful you!☺

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear part two!


Falling Around said...

I'm catching up... again!

A love born from best-friendship! Those are the best kinds. I'm off to read part II.